New Beginnings West New York slate sweeps, Rodriguez poised to become next mayor


Despite a highly spirited and competitive campaign, “The New Beginnings West New York” slate appears to have swept the 2019 municipal elections, paving the way for Commissioner Gabriel Rodriguez to become the next mayor.

The New Beginnings team was backed by U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) and while Roque continued to chip away until the last second of the final round, he was not able to repeat his success against the machine like he did in 2011 – when he was first elected.

Rodriguez ran with Commissioners Cosmo Cirillo and Margarita Guzman, as well as new candidates Victor Barrera and Yoleisy Yanez.

With them taking office next week, it’s all but a sure thing that Rodriguez will be named mayor at Tuesday’s reorganization meeting.

According to the Hudson County Clerk’s Office, Cirillo was the top vote getter with 3,616 votes and Roque missed a seat on the board by 656 votes. He earned 2,717 votes, behind Yanez, who notched 3,373 votes and finished fifth.

In an interview in front of Town Hall during an impromptu celebration, Rodriguez said West New Yorkers can now look forward to a mayor who is held accountable.

“Availability. Availability to commissioners and availability to new beginnings because West New York deserves it,” he said.

Six other candidates competed in the hotly contested affair, but they were a long ways off from striking distance.

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  1. Looks like more of the Cuop team of Ravi and Dr Pain are big losers! 3 to 1? hahaha…
    This fall Ravi’s cobbled together team will also lose and the council will remain 7-2

    • Are you saying that the Sacco machine will be retaliating against Mayor Bhalla by interfering in Hoboken’s Council races on behalf of the DeFusco/Fisher team? I guess that’s not surprising – Sacco would certainly like to replace Mayor Bhalla with a Sacco puppet like DeFusco or Ramos come 2021.

      The people I find confusing in all of this are Fisher, Cunningham and Giattino. I understand why DeFusco and Ramos want to be mayor. I understand why Sacco and Joey Muniz want DeFusco or Ramos to be Mayor.

      I genuinely do not understand why Fisher, Cunningham and Giattino seem to want DeFusco or Ramos to be Mayor, with Nick Sacco or Joey pulling the strings.

      I guess a sucker really is born everyday together with two to take care of her.

  2. Congratulations to all the Column A candidates and Albio Sires for the win in WNY. The residents have spoken loud and clear that they want and deserve a change. Good luck to all of you.

  3. Thank god roque lost he was a nasty mayor and hurt a lot of people who were loyal to him at the beginning . That’s what you get when you hurt the people who were LOYAL . We did not forget , that’s why we voted you out !!!! Now you could go play doctor you deserve to lose. Take your Director Robert Antolos too he too forgot about loyalty. He the worst Director ever!!!