Hoboken Ward 2 Council candidate Fisher speaks out against Monarch project


Hoboken Ward 2 Council candidate Tiffanie Fisher, a member of the city’s zoning board of adjustment, is taking a hard stance on opposing the controversial Monarch project. 


Fisher told Hudson County View that one of the main reasons she decided to throw her hat into the ring was to curb irresponsible development, which inevitably led the conversation to the controversial Monarch project.

“The Monarch is a … a terrible situation, I think, for Hoboken,” she said, noting that the original plan from 1997 included tennis courts and parking – as opposed to the current plan the includes two residential towers.

Although the Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders rejected the application submitted by Shipyard Associates nearly a year ago, Fisher said it’s likely a resolution to the project won’t be achieved for another two to three years.

She added that she hopes to focus on quality of life issues while on the council, such as road safety improvements and better park maintenance.

When asked if she felt there was any sort of conflict with one of her opponents, Peter BIancamano, remaining on the board of education, she said she had no issue with him maintaining his elected post – adding that she has no plans to step down from the zoning board (an appointed position) in the midst of the campaign.

Biancamano previously told us that he has a proven track record on the BOE, particularly proud of getting Superintendent Dr. Christine Johnson signed to a five-year contract with the district.

Finally, Fisher admitted that she wasn’t expected a crowded field in this particular council clash, but feels her experience makes her the best choice for the job.

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  1. Whether you’re old or new to Hoboken, it’s clear this town is somewhat a victim of its own success. There’s plenty of people in the mile square too with about 55,000 and more coming.

    Do we need to build on a pier? Any pier? Two towers. Really?

    Two towers as part of another developer promise broken? Hasn’t Hoboken seen enough of that in the past decades?

    Tiffanie Fisher is proven, capable and able. Peter BiancaMonarch stands for nothing but self-advancement and overdevelopment.

    Let’s make the right choice for Hoboken in the second ward, northeast Hoboken.
    Vote for Tiffanie Fisher on November 3rd – the obvious, clearcut choice.

  2. Amazing that Applied would risk lives and safety…. To line their pockets with even more money.


    Their father and 2 of the past 4 Hoboken mayors have gone to prison.

    Enough already !!

    Zimmer and Fisher are exactly what this town need.

  3. The main reason she is so against this project is for her own financial loss if this project is approved.

    I also live in the Hudson Tea Building facing Manhattan. Tiffanie has two units facing Manhattan but she is on the 2nd floor and her view will be drastically changed and her property value will go way down if the Monarch buildings are right outside her window.

    Many of us her believe it’s her personal fight because she has so much to loose. She approves our legal team to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars OF OUR MONEY to fight her battle.

    This is not new for Tiffanie, as Board President she always has her best interest at heart.

    In full disclosuer we are also against the Monach project but it’s more about principle, the city of Hoboken should do the right thing. But with her, it’s about keeping her property value as high as possible so she can make the big $$ when she sells. The big problem is, she is spending money taken in from dues from ALL the owners to fight her battle. We are not the only ones funding her fight, and I’m not sure of the total amount but other owners are upset that she spends our money so she can make more money in the end.

    Interested in the TRUTH about Tiffanie Fisher?

    Read what I know about her and how she runs things.

    I live in Hudson Tea Builder where Tiffanie Fisher is still “illegally” the Board of Directors President. From my personal experience with her she is a LIAR and feels/acts above the rules that non-Board members MUST follow or be fined.

    I have a Service Dog (for 3 years) and Tiffanie Fisher continues to fine me for “Pet Policy Violations.” She has fined me $850 for having my Service Dog “on the grass” when the ADA (Americans with Disabilities) clearly stated Service Dogs are NOT pets and pet policies MUST BE WAIVED. According to the the ADA, she is DISCRIMINATING against me by illegally assessing me fines based on “Pet Policy Violations” for having my Service Dog on PUBLIC property. Yes, I am being fined for having my Service Dog on property that is OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC. More than 6 TIMES she has ignored the laws against DISCRIMINATION of people with disabilities set forth by the Federal Government under the ADA!!

    (I’ve hired an attorney and now suing my Home Owners Association because of her discrimination towards me.)

    To highlight just how crooked (my opinion) Tiffanie Fisher is, she herself has been in violation of two Pet Policies for years!!!! According to the Hudson Tea Building Master Deed and Rules & Regulations only 1 pet per unit is allowed and the ONLY animals allowed to be kept as pets are DOGS, CATS, BIRDS and FISH. Tiffanie Fisher has THREE RABBITS. First, she has more than ONE PET PER UNIT, and, Rabbits are NOT ALLOWED to be kept as pets in the Hudson Tea building, therefor she is in violation of the Master Deed and Rules & Regulations on two accounts. But she has NEVER been reprimanded or fined for her violations. Amazing right?? In my opinion, Tiffany Fisher feels she DOES NOT HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE RULES, but, she has NO PROBLEM assessing me FINES for LEGALLY doing what is allowed by the Federal Government under the ADA!! Rules don’t apply to people in HIGH places and this demonstrates what Tiffanie Fisher might be like in the future.

    Read on…

    Tiffanie Fisher and her Board of Directors did not like the outcome of a VOTE OF UNIT OWNERS, so, they ignored it!!!! Amazing. Let me explain… Hudson Tea Building’s Master Deed and Rules & Regulations do NOT allow dogs weighing over 25lbs. In order to change this rule a 51% majority vote of owners must be received, this is clearly stated in the Master Deed. The Board wanted to amend this 25lbs weight limit so it was put to a vote. The amount of votes to amend the Master Deed was NOT a 51% majority, so the weight limit was not amended. But, Tiffanie Fisher decided that SHE and the BOARD would OVERRIDE the WILL OF THE PEOPLE and completely IGNORE the owner’s decision to keep the dog weight limit in place! They did this by creating an “illegal” “waiver” that allows dogs over the weight limit and having more than one pet. And, I believe Tiffanie Fisher also wrote into this “illegal” “waiver” something that allows her to have rabbits, but I have not confirmation of that.

    (Full discloser, we voted FOR amending the weight limit, there are lots of very friendly big dogs in the building and see no problem with them. But that’s not the issue. If the Master Deed says a Majority vote is required to amend the Policy Rules then it needs to be done LEGALLY!!! Not with an “illegally” non-binding fake waiver. BTW, I and my attorney have requested a copy of this “waiver” have received NOTHING. The Board of Director does NOT have the authority to create a waiver that would go against the Master Deed, this is why I call it “illegal” as this waiver would never hold up in court.)

    But, wait, there’s more…

    Every year from about March through the summer we have a horrible infestation of geese. This last season was especially bad and the geese took over our frot lawn and left pile after pile of feces day after day making our lawn completely useless. Complaint after complaint Tiffanie Fisher REFUSED to do anything about the geese or even CLEAN UP THE FECES! I’ve documented this in detail. Residents and owners pay a high monthly fee just for things like maintaing the Common Elements so they can be used by all. Yet Tiffanie REFUSED to maintain the property by doing NOTHING to remove the geese nor clean up the geese feces making is SAFE for children to play. I just wonder where all that money went to, since it was not being used for maintaining the property.

    To make this worse, at the same time the geese were allowed FULL ACCESS to the lawn and poo anywhere, I was actually FINED several times for having my Service Dog on this VERY SAME GRASS!!! So, wild geese leaving piles of bacteria infested feces is OK with Tiffanie Fisher, but NOT OK for my 17lb Service Dog that’s LEGALLY ALLOWED!!! Besides being against the law, her motives are completely twisted.

    And even more…

    According to Article III of the By-Laws the Board is supposed to call an ANNUAL meeting of the owners which allows owners to VOTE to remove an ineffective or corrupt member from the Board of Directors. And, as you would expect (in my opinion) from a Tiffanie Fisher run

    BTW, when I asked how many Meetings of the Owners (Art. III) have there been? Tiffanie Fisher, Board President, had no clue what I was talking about. Eventually she admitted that there had only been ONE. So much for ANNUAL Meetings of the Owners and giving owners annually a chance to remove a corrupt Board member. Owners are forced to wait till that person is up for re-election.

    One last tidbit…

    Our Vice-President of the Board of Directors has TWICE physically assaulted my Service Dog in the elevator. Once he kicked my dog, a Cavalier King Charles (weighs 17lbs), in the mouth because he sniffed his shoe! It was not personally, he’s done this to other dogs, he’s just scum bag.

    In my experience Tiffanie Fisher feels no remorse for making my life miserable by illegally forcing rules that she willfully ignores, because, being “President of the Board of Directors” means the rules don’t apply.

    Is this the future of Hoboken’s 2nd Ward? God I hope not.

    Any questions? Need proof? Just ask.