N.J. AG’s Office: No one is getting ‘a free pass’ in probe of North Bergen DPW


New Jersey Deputy Attorney General Victor Salgado told the jury in the case of North Bergen Department of Public Works Supervisors Francis Longo and Troy Bunero that, despite what the defense team has been saying, no one is getting “a free pass” in the state AG Office’s investigation. 


“Throughout this trial, and we heard again today, that this office [the state Attorney General] … the term that Brian [Neary] used is ‘a free pass.’ That the state was giving a free pass to everyone except these two men [Longo and Bunero],” Salgado said during his closing arguments yesterday.

After referencing the “North Bergen hierarchy chart” that Paul Faugno, the attorney representing Longo, used during his opening statements – which had Longo and Bunero at the bottom and Mayor Nick Sacco at the top – Salgado pointed to the fact that the investigation of the North Bergen DPW has not concluded.

“The point was clear, right? These two, low-level members of the conspiracy are getting picked on … right? Kathy, Julia and I, we’re scratching our heads, because we’re thinking: ‘It’s gonna come out. What we’ve been doing is gonna come out,'” Salgado exclaimed.

He also referenced the fact that ex-Department Superintendent James Wiley, as well as former Director Timothy Grossi, have been charged criminally, while other investigations remain open.

“The state isn’t giving a pass to anyone. No one is getting a pass.”

The jury was unable to reach a verdict today after spending the entirety of the court session in deliberations.

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  1. Buying fundraiser tickets were the norm for the entire time of the Sacco administration and the mayor before him who is still working with him. That’s the reason I moved out of North Bergen. Look at Sacco himself 3 full time jobs. Working in the school system, working as mayor, and also as a state Senator. How does he have the time to give each job. Easy he’s never in the schools, has someone else doing most of the mayors job, and sits back as the Senator. I am wondering does he get 3 pensions, and 3 medical coverages or does he at least cash in 2 of the medical plans. Now onto how many jobs did he give out to family and friends. If the state does anything just take it off at the top when it’s time for the hair cuts. The people in the regular jobs were following orders or they don’t have jobs.

  2. They had their hands in the cookie jar too! They all knew that they were involved in criminal activity. NOW if you read the article the Prosecutor is putting everyone on notice in the Sacco camp that he is coming for them and taking that corrupt, dirty old man Sacco down!!!

    Who do you think Kathy S is going to protect? Her sugar daddy Sacco or her precious baby boy?

    Has Com Garguilo already given up evidence to the AG? Timmy? Do you think at their ages they will go to jail for fat boy?

    It’s all over for Sacco.

    • In response to your previous inquiry, sorry for the delay in your comment being posted, but I can’t be looking at the website to moderate comments 24/7. Thanks for reading/watching and please be patient. Comments are not deleted unless there is excessive profanity to the point where it cannot be edited down to something PG.