ParkMobile app now available to reduce parking woes throughout West New York


The ParkMobile app is now available to reduce parking woes throughout the Town of West New York that allows users to find and reserve spots from their phone.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Having ParkMobile throughout our town will reduce the frustration around finding and paying for a parking spot for our residents and visitors,” Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez said in a statement.

“With ParkMobile, you don’t have to search out an on-street pay station and then wait in line for their turn to pay – you can do everything straight from your phone wherever you find an open space. We hope this will enhance the parking experience for residents, visitors, and businesses.”

Users pay for their parking directly from their parking spot by logging into the app or by texting the number found on the closest street sign.

This reduces long lines at pay stations and comes on the heels of West New York Parking Utility’s “Parking Green Initiative” aimed at making more of their services available online and contactless. The app also has a “Find My Car” feature, as well as emailed receipts.

ParkMobile signs will be installed throughout West New York.

For more information, please contact the West New York Parking Utility at: (201) 295-1575 or visit

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