Mayor Roque: President Obama is ‘giving Castro everything on a silver platter’


West New York Mayor Felix Roque discussed President Barack Obama’s foreign policy with Cuba, U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez’s (D-NJ) stance on Cuba and Iran, Salomon Melgen’s indictment and his own federal trial where he was acquitted of all charges in 2013 while addressing a crowd of supporters at Las Palmas Wednesday night. 


“Lately, we’ve been hearing about the [President Barack] Obama administration, trying to negotiate without any demands from Cuba, taking Cuba off the terrorist list, hugging, or should I say giving Castro everything on a silver platter,” Roque said at the podium.

“But you know what? Yes, I believe in opening a relationship with Cuba because at the end of the day, the Castro brothers have cheeseburgers from McDonald’s whenever they want: they just fly to Panama and get them and that’s what this is all about.”

After introducing and commending a Cuban political prisoner, who the mayor said witnessed his father get shot in front of his mother, he stated that Menendez did the right thing in taking a stand against Obama on foreign relations issues with Cuba and Iran.

“When people ask me ‘how do I stand on this?’, I salute Senator Menendez because he has been a champion for us, fighting, making sure that Cuba and Iran, ya know, don’t posses nuclear weapons … and you find out about 19,000 centrifuge, you find out the plutonium, they’re gonna keep it, they’re gonna store it, I mean, it’s a joke.”

Roque also briefly touched on the 76-count indictment of Florida ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen, who was indicted on corruption charges with Menendez on April 1, relating it to his own federal hacking trial where he was cleared of all charges.


  1. Roque is such a joke. He sounds like Sarah Palin trying to discuss foreign policy – an ignoramus. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about and it shows.
    Obama should trade him for Joanne Chesimard, but Castro probably wouldn’t want him.

    • The sad part is that this guy is a DOCTOR… What does that tell you about the Medical Profession in the United States ???
      There are videos on Youtube where ROQUE states that GOD will set Menedez and the Eye Doctor free. He also states the GOD cures cancer. So what happened to that poor kid in WNY that GOD did not cure ???
      He also calls his son a HERO and a MAN for being a computer hacker ?
      I mean when this guy opens his mouth I have to wonder his mental state as a DOCTOR.
      I come on here and try to break the ice sometimes with some humor and crazy comments, maybe make some one laugh , but I ain’t no DOCTOR.

  2. The fool introduced the political prisoners and didn’t even know their names. It’s clear how much they mean to him. What a disgrace he is.

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