Court date set for voter fraud suit against Count Wiley and wife


A lawsuit filed by a North Bergen, and West New York resident, respectively, alleging that West New York Commissioner Count Wiley and/or his wife Beatrice, a North Bergen committeewoman, committed voter fraud has a court date set for Thursday.

Wiley lawsuit

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Counsel for the plaintiffs, Ernesto Vasquez, from West New York and Gina Miranda-Diaz, from North Bergen, and all defendants appeared in Hudson County Superior Court in Jersey City this afternoon due to an Order to Show Cause by the plaintiffs.

However, Judge Hector Velasquez did not rule for any injunctive relief on the case today. Instead, he set a court date for Thursday, April 23, at 9 a.m., where hearings for the case will begin.

Julio Morejon, the North Bergen Public Defender who is representing the Wileys, echoed the sentiment of Wiley supporters from last week, calling the litigation “politically motivated.”

“These proceedings were politically motivated, and that my clients will be vindicated when the proofs are provided to the court,” he told Hudson County View.

Morejon was an instrumental part of getting West New York Mayor Felix Roque and Commissioner Count Wiley elected together, with the rest of their slate, in May 2011.

Pablo Fonseca, the campaign manager Roque, once again called on Count Wiley to step down from office and remove himself from the ballot. Wiley is Roque’s main challenger in the May 12 municipal election.

“I believe there is a criminal investigation on Count Wiley for committing Election Day fraud and he should do the right thing by the residents of West New York and step down from office and remove himself from the ballot,” he stated over the phone.

John Visconi, an associate of Newark law firm McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter LLP representing Vasquez and Miranda-Diaz could not immediately be reached by Hudson County View on Friday night.

The North Bergen and West New York Boards of Education are also named in the lawsuit, as the plaintiffs are calling for Wileys to reimburse one or both of the school districts for tuition, since they “improperly registered a child in a school district,” according to the lawsuit.


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  1. Roque is a dirty pig. He’ll stop at nothing to stay in power, so he can continue to screw this town and enrich himself and his cronies.
    Hey, Roque, where does Susan C. live? And where do you REALLY live?

  2. Gina has some nerve accusing anyone of voter fraud, when she is the biggest fraud in WNY and North Bergen put together. She has a $110,000 low show/no show job in WNY and something like 500 people registered to vote at her NB single family home. She will stop at nothing, along with her husband, to see this incompetent Mayor remain in power, so that the tax dollars keep flowing in her direction.