Mayor Roque, ex-Freeholder Munoz formally end feud with board appointment


West New York Mayor Felix Roque and former Freeholder Jose Munoz formally ended their feud, both expressing excitement about the future after the board of commissioners appointed Munoz to the North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue Board.


The resolution was unanimously approved (5-0) at another meeting essentially devoid of controversy last night.

Roque, who will be in Ecuador over the weekend to help earthquake victims, told Hudson County View after the meeting that he has forgiven Munoz for what happened in their rocky past.

“[It’s] very simple: I look at the big picture. I concentrate on what’s important and what’s important is this town. He cares about this town. So, we both had different opinions, now we’re actually coming together, like many people out there: we’re thinking about the better good.”

Munoz was the key witness for the government in a federal hacking case against Roque and his son, Joseph, who allegedly to take down The mayor was acquitted of all charges in October 2013.

The former freeholder, who now works at the Hudson County jail, also had a bright outlook on the opportunity to serve on the board.

“I thank Mayor Felix Roque, and the West New York Board of Commissioners for giving me the opportunity to again serve the community,” he said in an email.

“I look forward to working with Mayor Roque on issues that are important to the residents of our town. It is important to move West New York forward.”

Coincidentally, Munoz replaces Joe Roque on the board, who will now serve on the North Hudson Sewerage Authority instead. Munoz’s term expires at the end of the year, while Joe Roque’s runs until April 21, 2021.

Both boards offer a roughly $5,000 stipend to their members.

The North Hudson Regional Fire & Rescue Board also has appointees from North Bergen, Union City, Weehawken and Guttenberg (the five municipalities the department serves) and Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner serves as the board chairman.

For those following along closely, a peace treaty between Roque and Munoz doesn’t come as a complete surprise.

In January, the Town of West New York settled a superior court lawsuit between Roque and Munoz for an undisclosed amount.

Sources, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said the settlement “wasn’t a substantial figure” and was” well under a $100,000.”

Then last month, Munoz was one of several old Roque enemies who attended the mayor’s fundraiser at La Reggia in Secaucus.

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  1. You can’t make this stuff up , only in WNY . Another anti who sued the town and won got a nice settlement with big bucks is bought off with a job . Munoz previously accused Vega of kissing the ring of Roque now Munoz kissed Roque’s ass to get his job as a commissioner on the north Hudson fire & rescue board and also works at the Hudson County Jail . Another greedy politician who can’t get enough of Tax Payer’s money .

  2. I guess Freeholder Rodriguez is DONE. 3 Million in law suits and everything is FORGIVEN. WNY Deserves what it gets good for Munoz very smart strategic move. All the poor souls that killed themselves to support Wiley’s team must be going NUTS. I hope they take care of Anthony Defino he deserves to be taken care as well as David Rivera and Barquin. Where is Silvio these days ? Manny Diaz is playing a great chess game for Cosmo.

  3. Felix Felix Felix. Wipe that egg off your face. Must suck to have all that money and still be rendered powerless, voiceless, and apparently without b****. It’s nice to see you finally neutralized. Thank you Mayor Sacco! It was long overdue. And I don’t even care that it means that people like Munoz are brought back into the fold… Because everyone will do what they’re told anyway!

    Felix is the laughing stock of the county, just the way it should be.

  4. So, Roque resigned from the North Hudson Sewerage Authority in March and Myrli Sanchez replaced him. Now, one month later, Joe is on the board, so in effect Roque is back on the board with Joe being his mouth piece.

  5. Wait! Patrick Cullen, Jose Munoz, Myrli Sanchez, they ALL NOW have jobs in town, being appointed to boards, sucking tax payer money.
    What about the people who helped these b*******? Wait! They will soon get a job too? A job for the clown David Rivera?

    I am moving out of town ASAP. Taxes can only go up, run as fast as you can out of WNY. The money is used to pay for these incompetent people

    Myrli: did you tell people that you got a degree online from an UNACCREDITED university? Tell your husband to stop ripping off poor people with his church.