Jersey City Global Charter School wins ‘Rookie of the Year’ award


Jersey City Global Charter School’s (JCGCS) was honored with the ‘Rookie of the Year’ award at the  MicroSociety’s 22ndAnnual National Conference, Framing the Future: The Global Child event in Phoenix, Arizona this summer. 

Photo courtesy of Sheinkopf Ltd.
Photo courtesy of Sheinkopf Ltd.

By Katherine Guest/Hudson County View

MicroSociety, an internationally known non-profit consulting organization that specializes in stimulating learning through encouragement strategies, granted the award to JCGCS.

Recognized in January 2012, JCGCS gained roughly 170 kindergarteners, as well as first and second grade students, with a long-term goal to serve students through the eighth grade.

From this upcoming school year going forward, third grade classes will be established with an extra grade level launched yearly.

Once a rookie teacher in a Brooklyn elementary school in 1967, Dr. George H. Richmond, Yale graduate, founder, amd educator of the MicroSociety Program, coined the name by recreating a microsociety to underpriviledged and disinterested students.

Since 1992, MicroSociety served more than 250,000 students and 12,000 teachers in over 300 sites across 40 states.

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