West New York Police Director Antolos receives contract extension


West New York Police Director Robert Antolos had his contract extended through the end of the year via a unanimous vote by the board of commissioners last night.


“The first thing I gotta say: Director Antolos has been doing a fantastic job and you can see it the way crime is being reduced – the first quarter approximately 20 percent,” West New York Mayor Felix Roque told Hudson County View.

” … We’re actually putting more cops in the academy, we’ve actually been able to promote police officers, so the whole police department is actually improving and it’s all under his leadership and I’m extremely proud.”

The previous agreement for Antolos, who came out of retirement to take over the post on May 1, 2013 after Mike Indri retired, was set to expire on May 1st of this year. Now, he will be at the department until at least December 31st.

“I’m sure we’ll be still standing here next year. The mayor deserves a lot of credit his biggest priority is safety in the streets, whatever the police department needs, he says ‘let’s get it, let’s do it,'” Antolos said.

“He drives around at night, he’s out there [until] 2, 3 in the morning he sees the police officers working and I credit his leadership also. He’s taught me a lot and I’m still learning from him.”

According to the resolution, the board choose to exercise one of two possible yearly extensions associated with Antolos’ original contract and his remaining pay cannot exceed $46,666.64 ($5,833.33) in 2016.

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  1. The Director is a GOOD person in the middle of all that @&$). !!!! WNY is lucky to have him. He must be the LOWEST paid police director in the state. The other police directors one town over make 200k. He must be MASOCHIST to stay and get BEAT up everyday in WNY. Someone needs to get him out of there.

  2. George Martinez: I agree that Director Antolos is a good man! He is a great leader and inspiring figure. If you talk to a cop on the side and ask about him, they have nothing but admiration and respect for him. He doesn’t get the pay that others get, but it’s another example of his dedication and love for the town and the men and women under his charge. That’s not masochistic, but rather ALTRUISTIC! He’s the first one to usher in steady shifts for the department after WNY was one of the last departments in the state, if not country, to have officers working a grueling rotating shift schedule! He’s a visionary and puts his officers first over any selfish desires of greed. The results are there for all to see. His poise, professionalism and vision come with the man, not the paycheck. I agree that he deserves more $, but for now, I’m happy that he’s a noble leader and not more concerned about stuffing his pockets like you or me would George! Hopefully next contract they can $how their appreciation for the job he does, but I’m showing him now! Thanks sir. Keep up the great work. God bless you and the fine men and women of the WNY Police Department. May God keep you all safe and thanks to your families for allowing you to keep us safe.