Mayor Felix Roque: Senator Bob Menendez is ‘the superhero’ of Hudson County


West New York Mayor Felix Roque offered heavy praise for U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), shortly after North Hudson’s 14th annual Cuban Day Parade concluded, calling Menendez “the superhero” of Hudson County – adding that the residents here don’t put any stock into the indictment against him. 


“I’m very happy with the support they gave Senator Menendez. It was massive, massive support,” Roque told Hudson County View when asked on what he thought of this year’s Cuban Day Parade.

“People were coming up hugging him, giving him blessing, and you know what: they love him, they adore him … he is the superhero here for everybody in all our towns here in the county. They love Senator Menendez.”

When asked if he was surprised Menendez was named “Cuban of the Year” with a federal indictment hanging over his head, Roque – sporting a blue sticker that said “I STAND WITH BOB” in white lettering – scoffed at the notion.

“As I said before, an indictment is just an allegation. And you know what, they can indict, like they say, a ham sandwich. But the reality is, he’s a great man: the people know who he really is, [the recognize] the support he has given them throughout all his elected career.”

Roque was the first elected official to stand by Menendez’s side when the indictment came down from the U.S. Department of Justice nearly two months ago.

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    • Hahaha. Hey, the Cuban Day Parade deserved some form or coverage and everyone wore an I Stand with Bob sticker. You can’t say his remarks aren’t relevant to the subject matter, whether you agree or not.

  1. Cuban Parade? Serious? This parade should be abolished and replaced with a real parade that represents the Cuban people not Emilio Del Valle’s wallet!

  2. Felix Roque is the most hated man in WNY. If the Housing Authority residents where educated and not fearful of him he would be history as our Mayor. WNY home owners get ready for your higher taxes……..Shame on you also Mr. Cosmo Cirillo for joining this evil man Roque.