James Wiley ordered NB DPW workers to paint son’s WNY office, witness says


A former clerk for the North Bergen Department of Public Works testified in Hudson County Superior Court that then-Superintendent James Wiley sent department workers to West New York in 2012 to paint then-Commissioner Count Wiley’s office – one of the sons of James Wiley.


Mary Rossillo was one of several witnesses who were called to the stand on Wednesday and Thursday of last week as part of the trial for NB DPW superviews Troy Bunero and Francis Longo, who are accused of working on political campaigns and performing personal chores while on township time.

“Did you learn, or did you come to know, when you were working with Mr. [James] Wiley, that people went down and painted the office: [North Bergen] DPW workers went down and painted the West New York office of Count Wiley? Is that not a fact?,” asked Paul Faugno, the attorney representing Longo in the case.

“Yes,” Rossillo calmly responded.

“Did Mr. Longo order that?,” Faugno later questioned.

“No,” Rossillo replied.

“Did Mr. Bunero order that?,” Faugno inquired.

“No,” Rossillo said again.

“Do you have knowledge of who ordered it?,” Faugno concluded the line of questioning with.

“Jimmy,” stated Rossillo, referring to James Wiley, who she used to share an office with when she worked for NB DPW.

Count Wiley, who was unable to unseat West New York Mayor Felix Roque in the May 12 municipal election, stated back in October 2012 that his office was painted by NB DPW as part of an informal shared services agreement, which a North Bergen spokesman said does occur from time to time (h/t The Jersey Journal).

Count Wiley did not return a phone call or voicemail from Hudson County View.

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