Mayor Felix Roque, constituents support Sen. Menendez following indictment


U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) received the support of West New York Mayor Felix Roque, as well as several constituents, who spoke with Hudson County View at the Newark Hilton – where he addressed his federal indictment. 


Roque, the only mayor who attended the event, arrived with a group he referred to as former Cuban political prisoners who also wanted to show their support for Menendez.

One of these men later slammed the Menendez indictment, claiming it was political punishment for opposing President Obama on key issues pertaining to Cuba, Iran and the Ukraine.

Gina Diaz, a West New York Town Hall employee married to Manny Diaz – a childhood friend of Menendez who has also served as an advisor to Roque – called the indictment “politically motivated.”

While Newark resident Elizabeth Rivera didn’t go into a great deal of detail, she called the corruption charges against Menendez “a sham.”

Later, Roque, who beat federal hacking charges in October 2013, said that Menendez is a man of “integrity” and “honor” who “would’ve never done what they say that he has done.”

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  1. Of course they do. He’s hispanic. They always stick together no matter what. How do you think they get elected. 98% don’t even understand the issues or could careless what they are. BUT, if there is a hispanic running you can bet they are voting for him or her because they are hispanic. If Menendez was notn cuban none of those guys would be there with Roque. If he even admits to everything they would support him WHY? Because he is Cuban. He could be against everything they believe in but they don’t have a clue on the issues. I just hope he doesn’t beat any charges. The appeals will go on forever anyway.

  2. Couple more weeks Felix your done.. I hope the FBI comes to Town Hall soon before Roque and his friends shred any papers before May 12th. Jose Munoz can you let your FBI friends know to do this please in your conversation with them.

  3. Au Contraire!!!
    I M looking forward to the impeachment & indictment of Barack Hussein Osama!
    The charges by Osama’s Just-us! dept R 100% a sham!!!
    100% exoneration for BOB MENENDEZ!!!
    He is 100% for NJ & 100% for America!

  4. Gary stop your Likud party propaganda. The world deserves to have a two state solution to the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It’s in America’s interest to make certain of it.

  5. Roque and his criminals cohorts! In order to understand Gina Diaz anger, you must understand the reason. ” In 1996, Diaz’s husband Manny Diaz law practice was suspended by the state Supreme Court on the recommendation of the Office of Attorney Ethics, which had begun investigating his finances. The next year, an investigation by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration ended in the arrest and indictment of Diaz and two other men on charges of conspiring to distribute cocaine for the Colombian Drug Cartel. ”

    Follow the link:

  6. None here are better than Fidel. Probably worse. Maybe Fidel knew what he was doing getting rid of the trash.