Wiley camp says Ferreiro illegally obtained records, denies voter fraud claims


West New York Commissioner Count Wiley, Mayor Felix Roque’s main opposition for the May 12 municipal election, and his team said that Roque supporter Frank Ferriero illegally obtained school records of Wiley’s five year-old son. The camp also again denied Ferreiro’s previous voter fraud allegations.


Hudson County View was the only media outlet that reported on Ferreiro’s remarks at the March 25 board of commissioners meeting, where he alleged that Count Wiley and has wife Beatriz had been engaging in voter fraud.

Wiley and his team clearly took exception to Ferriero obtaining records of a minor enrolled in the West New York school system. Fernando Jimenez, an attorney for Wiley, later said that he was unaware of what records Ferriero had or how they were obtained.

An Open Public Records Act request from Ferreiro to the WNY BOE requesting information on Wiley’s children in the school system was denied on March 17.

When asked by Hudson County View if the Wiley family had ever engaged in voter fraud, both Jimenez and Wiley gave the same definitive answer.

Pablo Fonseca, Roque’s campaign spokesman told Hudson County View “Frank is not an employee of the campaign. I believe that Frank Ferreiro followed the correct process and filed OPRA requests for all the documents he received. Eventually, justice will prevail and we will find out if voter fraud existed with the Wileys.”

Furthermore, Ferreiro said he still believes the voter fraud issue has not been resolved, since Beatriz Wiley is “a committee person, she’s under oath, attesting that’s her residence in North Bergen,” Ferreiro explained, declining to comment how he obtained the school records of the Wileys’ son.

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  1. The truth shall come out,not for nothing I keep saying it and they keep helping me prove it to everyone how dumb these two really are.They want a criminal investigation on the paperwork I got but then say they do not know the paperwork i received.Finally Wiley admits him and his wife live in West New York and if so is the case as he says then his wife is 100% committing election fraud.The facts: he says his wife is a North Bergen Committee Woman.To be a committee person you have to attest under oath that you live in the district you are representing not live in the county as wiley states,you have to live in the district which in this case is ward 4 district 5 in North Bergen.She has to live there she swore under oath that she lives there but Wiley says they live in WNY.I guess this will be sorted out in court.Tomm. I will hold a video response to this press conference in my honor.I have not attacked his kids or his wife,I am attacking an illegality to show the people of WNY exactly what these actors are all about.I will not let you fool the residents of WNY with the Hollywood act and fake tans.John i will touch base with you tomm. and we can have an interview if your time permits and i will bring all the paperwork that I got and show you and all the facts and not the smoking mirrors that Wiley is putting up.

  2. I have to give credit to Fonzi for bringing up this issue of school records on a minor. Count Wiley needs to call the FBI and have Frank F. arrested and his cohorts who gave out these records illegally. This Frank F. is a 3 times convicted felon and who knows also a ” SEXUAL PREDATOR ” from the look on his face. If I was Wiley I would be on the hotline with the FBI as they handle ” PREDATORS “… What type of Mayor would allow this behavior from his worker ???

    As for Beatriz she has never voted for her husband as they live in two places just like I live in many places but only vote in one. That is a moot point to keep asking.

  3. Let ask Dummy WNY PD Director Antolos to assign Tom Mannion of the WNY PD to do the invest. Lets see if he is honest enough and competent to do this task please. Lets just ask Tom Mannion to work a 40 hr week would be nice for once.

    Lets See……….

  4. Frank is on the record at a public meeting stating that he had in his possession a document from the Board of Education stating that the Wileys have a child registered in the WNY school system. Upon closer inspection (Hudson County View report) it appears that he is holding up a response to his OPRA request denying him access to private information. So he deliberately misled the public on that front. More recently, Pablo Fonseca has distanced himself from Ferreiro, insisting that he is neither working for the Roque campaign nor has he been compensated. A quick search of the WNYDC “Together We Can” ELEC report filings has yielded a payment made to his Hi Impact Advertising business receiving a $4,000 payment on 12/02/2014. That looks like “smoking mirrors” [smoke and mirrors] to the casual observer.