LETTER: ‘West New York Forward’ is the right team to lead the town’s future


In a letter to the editor, 25 people are signing their names to a message that says “West New York Forward” is the right team to lead the town’s future.

Dear Editor,

We, the undersigned, believe that Cosmo Cirillo and the WNY Forward team are the right choice to lead West New York.

WNY Forward represents the best of West New York and we are fully supportive of the team of Cosmo Cirillo, Margarita Guzman, Angelica Jimenez, Hiram Gonzalez and Walter Lopez.

After eleven years as former mayor, and a further sixteen representing the 8th district in Congress, Mr Sires has had nearly three decades to represent West New York. We believe it is time for change.

The grassroots campaign of WNY Forward offers a chance for lifelong residents to lead the town into a new era.

While the former congressman has been spending time with lobbyists and special interest groups in Washington D.C., the WNY Forward team have been here and supporting the residents in town with their trademark accessibility, energy and compassion.

After the closure of our last recreation center, the residents of West New York have been vocal around their support for a new one. We believe the WNY Forward team are best placed to deliver a new state-of-the-art Rec Center for the town.

We do not hesitate to endorse the entire WNY Forward team on May 9th.

Yours truly,

Guttenberg Mayor Wayne Zitt, Jr. *
Dorinne Auriemma
Hector Hernandez
Yesenia Garcia-Hernandez
William Parkinson
Paul Bruno
Ana Cerqueria
Rafael Sanchez Jr
Adolfo Rojas
Jeannine Visconti
David Morel
Christine Auriemma
Natalia Novas
Angel Barquin
Kevin Livermore
Mike Arias
Jared Arias
Maria Suarez
Natalie Oller
Conny Lizarazo
Ashima Gandhi
Rafael Cruz
Reshma Tiwari
Abhishek Tiwari
Juan Alexander Marquez-Sanchez

*this is the personal opinion of Mr Zitt and does not reflect his role at, or the view of, the Town of Guttenberg.

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  1. All vegabots on that list.

    One time list of the Vega stooges of the past corrupt machine in WNY raising their ugly heads.

    May 10th crawl back under your rock creeps.

    Vote Albio Team..Row B

    Row B for the Win!