LETTER: Vote for the Fix It Now team and Sudhan Thomas for the Jersey City BOE


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Riaz Wahid says the Fix It Now team of Mussab Ali and Kimberly Goycochea, along with Sudhan Thomas, are the best picks for the local Board of Education race.Fix It Now, Thomas

Dear editor,

Last March, through a mutual friend, I met Mussab Ali (6J). Mussab started spending more time with our feeding the needy programs, one of which included giving Iftar meals to prison inmates during the fasting month. He also introduced his friends and consistently participated in the program.

Mussab introduced me to Kimberly Goycochea (7J), and when we started comparing activities between McNair and Snyder, we realized that they are two very different worlds. Kimberly was born to hard working Immigrant parents with language constraints.

Her struggle to keep up with the top 10% of Snyder is something we should learn from and provide more help to the students who want to succeed.

I agree with Sudhan Thomas (1J) in saying that our current board of education is extremely unproductive. I am convinced that he would do a better job by fixing and simplifying certain processes at the BOE.

In fact, he is the only candidate talking about desperately needed funds. Electing the people who take the help of charter school lobbyists is not a solution to solve our funding issues.

At this point, making Dr. Lyles a lame duck is not going to solve our problem. This does not mean that she should get a free pass like the s4t contract or curbed public speaking/broadcasting, created hostile environment with teachers and unions, etc.,

We also can’t solve our financial problems by electing three-time failed candidate Gina Verdibello. She never spoke against abatements which don’t pay school taxes.

Yet, she complains about facilities issues and lack of funds. There was a tax increase of 2% and she was there at the budget hearing, but I wonder why she didn’t speak at all?

We should evaluate the board performance too and I give a big F to her past running mates, Mr. Richardson and Mr. Lyons. They asked and placed a Dr. Lyles contract extension resolution but failed to show up for the actual vote. Hypocrisy at best again!

In this digital and robotics age, we definitely need a better, talented, and more dynamic board rather than doing the same thing over and over again to produce the same failing results. I don’t believe Angel Valentin is the solution for this digital age.

We can’t delay further, in solving the gang violence issue at schools. The fear of “snitches get stitches” has to be fixed and the “Fix It Now” team has the solution. They have been thru this and they understand the problem. Students are stakeholders and they know the solutions for this issue.

On Nov 8th, please support Sudhan Thomas (1J), Mussab Ali (6J) and Kimberly Goycochea (7J).

Easy to remember: 1+ 6 = 7

Riaz Wahid

Jersey City resident

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  1. Riaz is a good man. Ask anyone. He spends his own hard earned money feeding the homeless and the needy. He’s not the type to advertise his good deeds but ask anyone who knows him, he’s the real deal.

  2. We need to leave the BOE elections to the right people, the students. Correctly, Mussab Ali, Kimberly and the people affiliated to the school. And, Did we forget that Gina’s mother-in-law works for the district, she cannot evaluate the superintendent.