Hudson County’s COVID-19 vaccination center in Kearny is ready to administer 1st shot


Hudson County officials are just about ready to administer the COVID-19 vaccine to frontline workers at the USS Juneau Center in Kearny this week. 

By Daniel Ulloa/Hudson County View

“We are all set to go here once we get the vaccines,” Deputy County Administrator Dave Drumeler said during a press conference this afternoon.

Those seeking vaccination will drive up to tables where nurses will be stationed to administer the vaccine, before driving out of the building to another station where they will wait 15 minutes to see if an adverse reaction develops.

While they are waiting outside, another eight people will receive the vaccine.

“We anticipate getting faster at this as we go,” Drumeler added, noting that the whole process is done without the person being vaccinated having to leave their vehicle, which will have to be repeated for a second dose.

Initially, officials expect to administer the vaccine to 256 people a day if the West Hudson facility is open eight hours a day.

They ultimately hope to double their output to 512 people receiving the vaccine daily, which they believe is possibly with rotating staff, which would allow no breaks.

Moderna will be supplying the center with vaccine and they will receive 1,000 doses in their first shipment.

The county is working with the Hudson County Improvement Authority and the Hudson Regional Health Commission to ensure frontline workers can get vaccinated in a timely fashion.

“It was great the county executive pulled this all together to get it done,” said HCIA CEO Norman Guerra.

Additionally, blast heaters will be utilized to keep the nurses warm in the garage-like facility while only one side of the garage doors will be down at a time.

There will also be satellite locations throughout Hudson County for Tier 1A workers in every municipality, utilizing locations such as high school gyms and community centers.

Tier 1A includes hospital personnel, as well as those working in medial and dental offices, and EMTs.

Health care workers at the hospitals in Jersey City and Hoboken have already begun receiving vaccinations this week.

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