LETTER: Vote for ‘committed community leaders’ in Jersey City United


In a letter editor, Jersey City resident Phil Rivo refers to the Jersey City United Board of Education as “committed community leaders” that are clearly the best choices in the November 8 election. Jersey City United

Dear editor,

The election is fast approaching and it is clear that the best choice of candidates for the Board of Education are Luis Felipe Fernandez (5J), Asmaa Abdalla (8J), and Matthew Schapiro (10J).

These candidates, from the Jersey City United for Board of Education slate, are committed community leaders—with backgrounds as diverse as our city—whose only interest is to reflect the needs of Jersey City’s school children. They are the only truly independent slate that will not owe its election to any organization or politicians.

I come from a family of teachers and my wife is also a teacher. I stand with these candidates’ support of Jersey City’s teachers, along with Superintendent Marcia Lyles, and their pledge to help deliver a world-class education to every child in every school from every neighborhood.

Fernandez, Abdalla, and Schapiro will continue the positive progress of higher graduation rates and fewer suspensions while working to ensure that our schools are safe.

Let’s support our teachers while keeping our Board of Education uncompromised. Let’s all vote for are Luis Felipe Fernandez (5J), Asmaa Abdalla (8J), and Matthew Schapiro (10J).

Phil Rivo,
Jersey City resident

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