LETTER: The Jersey City BOE made the right call in starting superintendent search


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City parent Gina Verdibello explains why she feels the local board of education made the right call in deciding to begin a search for a new superintendent. 

Dear Editor,

Please accept this letter in response to the recent actions of the Jersey City Board of Education regarding the future of the District’s Superintendent, Dr. Marcia Lyles.

Whether or not one agrees with the action of the Board, there is a logic to starting the process for a new superintendent.

For the first time since 1989, Jersey City has local control over all functions of its public schools.

Not only is Jersey City a far different place than it was in 1989, it is also substantially different than it was even six years ago when Dr. Lyles first became Superintendent.

While we thank Dr. Lyles for her service to this district, and credit her for the return to local control, it is time that we as a community move past a State appointed Superintendent from the Christie Administration.

It is time for the Jersey City Public schools to evolve as the city has done.

While there are still a multitude of issues affecting this district both positive and negative, this is an opportunity for the city officials and the public to have an open dialogue on the future of public education in the City of Jersey City.

Rather than arguing in small groups, we should be having an inclusive, open and transparent dialogue as to what we as the public feel the future of education in our City should be.

The public deserves a Superintendent who will transcend the squabbles of the past, and focus solely on maintaining the positive trajectory of the district, while ensuring that the children of this District are provided with the resources necessary to excel and meet the challenges of the future.

Moreover, this District needs a leader who can oversee upgrades to our curriculum and
facilities while working collaboratively – and not be combative – with teachers, staff, and the public.

With state funding cuts already present we need someone who can move us forward in
a positive direction with innovative ideas to enhance the education experience for our children in a fiscally prudent manner, while not being weighed down by past history and past policies.

Gina Verdibello
Parent Advocate

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