LETTER: O’Dea’s stance on Jersey City’s payroll tax needs to be reevaluated


In a letter to the editor, Republican Hudson County Surrogate candidate Juliana Lombard explains why she feels Hudson County Commissioner (D-2) Bill O’Dea’s stance on the Jersey City payroll tax needs to be reevaluated.

Republican Hudson County Surrogate candidate Juliana Lombard. Instagram photo.

Dear Editor,

The recent comments by Commissioner O’Dea highlight the dangers that a “tax and spend” philosophy poses to Jersey City.

Raising taxes as the one size fits all solution to every problem does not work, instead creating new problems with affordability and housing security.

O’Dea’s plan to force developers and construction companies to comply with a currently unenforceable payroll tax, while allowing every other business to continue ignoring the tax, is a classic example of insider politicians picking winners and losers based on who supports them for their electoral goals.

Jersey City is undoubtedly facing a housing shortage, yet policies such as these not only do nothing to address the crises, these anti-housing policies contribute to rising rents that price out our long-time residents and small business owners.

Furthermore, another round of tax increases on top of the already substantial municipal and school tax increases of the previous years will naturally force senior citizens out of their family homes, and young families out of Jersey City.

While this payroll tax, originally proposed with good intent to fund our public schools, on the surface seems like a good idea, it is testament to the inability of the Jersey City Education Association and board of education to come up with a working budget that respects Jersey City’s residents financial situations, while at the same time providing some progress regarding Jersey City’s schools worrisome outcomes.

Understandably, these two issues are inherently linked, as O’Dea’s uncomfortably close relationship to the JCEA and board of education demonstrates a conflict of interest where he is beholden to the whims of the JCEA and not to the residents of Jersey City.

I urge Commissioner O’Dea to reevaluate his stance and commit to supporting housing justice and affordability for all Jersey City residents, otherwise it will be Hudson County politics as usual.

Juliana Lombard
Republican candidate for Hudson County surrogate

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  1. So let these developers off the hook for paying taxes. While middle class hardworking citizens who pay their property tax foot the bill or lose their house. Yeah real f***ing smart!!!!!