LETTER: New medical facility needed in Greenville, not Bayonne, GOP Senate candidate says


In a letter to the editor, 31st Legislative District Republican state Senate candidate Herminio Mendoza says that the Jersey City Medical Center’s new Satellite Emergency Department is better suited for Greenville than it is Bayonne.

Republican LD-31 state Senate candidate Herminio Mendoza. Facebook photo.
Republican LD-31 state Senate candidate Herminio Mendoza. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

My name is Herminio Mendoza and I am running for the NJ Senate of District #31. I am a lifelong resident of Greenville and throughout many years, I have heard many false promises been unfulfilled by the leadership in our NJ Senate.

Today, I am highly concerned with the rise of violent crimes in my community and the lack of Health Services to provide emergency situation to my people.

Since Jersey City Medical Center(JCMC) closed Greenville Hospital in 2008, the community has been severely lacking in primary and emergency care.

Officials from Medical Center and its parent company have promised on more than one occasion to replace the services lost when Greenville Hospital closed, but have yet to deliver on those promises.

New Jersey Health regulation only permits a satellite emergency department to be opened when it is replacing a closed full-service acute care facility or where there is a demonstrated community need.

Jersey City Medical Center’s proposed Satellite Emergency Department in Bayonne meets neither of these conditions.

I am urging everybody to unite behind the petition from Coalition for Greenville Health Access to stop Barnabas Health from creating a not-needed Satellite Emergency Department in Bayonne and place services where they belong in Greenville.

Herminio Mendoza

Candidate for NJ Senate LD-31

89 Fulton Ave

Jersey City NJ 07305

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