Freeholders encourage ‘cease and desist’ zones to curb real estate solicitations


The Hudson County Board of Chosen Freeholders approved a measure urging the 12 local municipalities to establish “cease and desist” zones in “neighborhoods subjected to intense and repeated real estate solicitations.”


” … I want to be very clear about the area I represent: New Jersey, and especially urban areas in Jersey City, are seeing a big economic boom … that thankfully is starting to reach the areas of Bergen-Lafayette, Greenville area, Ward F, Ward A, in Jersey City if you don’t know it,” explained Balmir at Thursday’s regular meeting of the board.

“And because of that, especially our seniors. You have people constantly coming to their doors asking them if they want to sell their homes. If someone has a ‘For Sale’ sign, I have no problems in the free market if you ask them ‘can I give you a better deal?'”

However, Balmir said he is completely against random, repeated harassment of people that are not trying to sell their homes.

O’Dea noted that in Jersey City, residents used to be able to put a decal in the window of their home if they did not want literature placed at their home. He feels a similar type of decal could easily remedy this current situation.

“And I think whether it’s Jersey City or other cities in the county, [we] should do the same thing: have a decal ‘please do not,’ ‘do not solicit purchasing my house.’ Stick the decals in there and then if individuals do that they’re violating the law the same way they’d be violating the law if they were putting literature.”

Romano, who said that real state brokers were like “locusts” when he was growing up in Hoboken, called the harassment “tragic,” which is why he was supporting the resolution.

Back in April, NJTV did a feature on Orthodox Jews arriving in Jersey City’s Ward F to take advantage of the real estate there, to the chagrin of some members of the community.

The measure was approved by a vote of 7-0, with West New York Freeholder Caridad Rodriguez (D-7) voting via phone. Freeholders Al Cifelli (D-9) and Kenny Kopacz (D-1) were absent.

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  1. I thank the County for protecting our community. My name is in the DO NOT CALL registry and I was called by a top Remax Realtor. I reported it to the broker and the state, attaching my entry in the database and the call log demonstrating the call. The Realtor was extremely pressing, I point blank said I am not interested in selling and reminded her of the Registry. She replied well tell me when do you plan on moving?

    The state worker who took the complaint was appalled. I followed up w another letter. The final letter from the Real Estate Board ignored the direct evidence stating they “investigated” and found no issue. I still get calls despite being on the Registry and despite handling the Realtors firmly. The last Realtor, from Liberty, protested when I said I was on the Registry and asked why he did not honor the law. He replied back “I am just trying to HELP you”.

    All I was left w from the experience w the Realtors and the State was that had I been an old person with little finance knowledge my home could have been poached from me. Another warning aside from harassment to sell, fraudsters can file a fraudulent quick claim deed on your home and legally take possession. Homeowners should check the status of their deed periodically.