LETTER: ‘Leadership That Listens’ Hoboken BOE slate should’ve picked a better name


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Kevin Davis gives his take on why the “Leadership that Listens” board of education slate should’ve picked a better name.

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Dear Editor,

Did you know that the slate that supports our current school board leadership is calling themselves “Leadership That Listens” (LTL)?

Ironically, this is the same group of people that didn’t listen to the community when they tried to quietly push through a $241 million high school bond this last January.

Part of being a leader who listens is listening to people who disagree with you.

After publishing a letter criticizing candidate Leslie Norwood, I and other Kids First supporters were blocked by her on Facebook.

Perhaps they should call their slate, Leadership That Blocks You on Facebook.

Part of being a school board member is not taking criticism related to your public policy positions personally.

In the press release announcing her candidacy, Norwood stated: “The January referendum process needed more transparency and community outreach.”

Voters should know that during the referendum, Leslie Norwood was one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Vote Yes side.

She gave a speech at the December 2021 school meeting in favor of the bond, signed onto a flier as a Vote Yes supporter with 109 other supporters, and gave a statement in support of the referendum for a Hoboken Girl article.

How are we supposed to believe that Ms. Norwood had a problem with the referendum process when she was a vocal supporter?

Ms. Norwood is not the only member of the LTL ticket who supported the referendum, Antonio Graña was the leader of the Friends of the New Hoboken High School group that pushed for a yes vote.

How are we supposed to believe that he is going to listen to the 65% of voters that voted against the referendum, when he was the leader of the 35% that voted yes?

Another reason to be skeptical of the LTL ticket is that Board Member Alex De La Torre is on the LTL ticket. Mr. De La Torre and his colleagues were silent about their plans to build a new high school on JFK field for three years.

De La Torre has never voted against any resolutions during his entire tenure on the school board.

How are we supposed to believe the LTL slate when they have a record of listening only to their people? Perhaps they should be called the Leadership That Only Listens to Themselves ticket.

Kevin Davis
Hoboken resident

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  1. Cryin’ Lyin’ Kevin Davis and “Kids First supporters” are NOT BLOCKED on “Leadership that Listens” CAMPAIGN Facebook account.

    Now, why would Kevin want to post on Leslie’s personal “Friends-Only” Facebook page she shares with immediate family, close friends and relatives? Pics of her kids, family get-togethers, etc. Isn’t that kinda creepy Kev? Not satisfied with trolling her campaign- you’ve gotta stalk her private life? Whatta creep… get help!

  2. 1) Leadership that Listens School Board Campaign has not blocked ANYONE on their Facebook page. Not even Kevin Davis!

    2) If Kevin the Peeper wants to get his jollies looking at Leslie Norwood’s family photos on her personal Facebook page, that is none of his business.

    3) Since Kids First 2.0 is running a one-issue, negative campaign (ex: as stalking a candidate’s personal social media) and has NO specific plans for the district moving forward — because “transparency” describes process, it is NOT a plan– better not underestimate the electorate’s intelligence.

    4) “Kids First 2.0” led by power-mad, anti-public education, pro-voucher Trumpers Pavlov and Joe Branco, is not what the Hoboken district schools need.

  3. Facebook groups aren’t private. If a political candidate makes comments in a public place like a Hoboken Facebook group with 8,000 people, it is fair game. Leslie is a thin-skinned know-it-all who will fit in perfectly on the current school board if she wins.

    • Facebook Groups are often approved “members only” subject to group Admins’ review and approval. Facebook Groups can limit who sees them under privacy settings. Facebook Groups also have “referral only” where a prospective member has to be invited to join the group. Many Facebook groups are visible to members only.

      If Kevin Davis and his pals are stalking the personal accounts of candidates in Facebook groups, that is strange and creepy. Does Kev want to share nursing tips in a Moms Group? If Kev and his peeping pals have a sense of entitlement about the privacy settings on Facebook individual and group accounts, take it up with Zuckerberg.

      As for online discourse with political campaigns like Leadership that Listens, their Facebook page is public and open to all.

      What about Kids First 2.0? On Facebook? Got transparency?

  4. If one recalls Grana was shopping around a massive apartment and office complex right across from the proposed Southwest Park
    Maybe he’ll push to sell off buildings to his pals

  5. Why is Leslie Norwood suddenly dropping Blanos Name?
    Is it because she doesnt want to be tied to the ABC board chair ( her husband) The board that votes for a certain lawyer’s firm clients?

      • Wasn’t it the Grana team that told women they can’t have an opinion if they chose not to have kids? In light of roe v wade , they should publicly apologize for their comment regarding councilwoman fisher. Humorously, way to denigrate the two women running on the kids first ticket, making it all about men like your bubble always does.

      • Nice try – $241m of a boondoggle launched after a BOE election is the real issue here. This other stuff is a smokescreen for a group that still doesn’t have a concrete plan. This has nothing to do with Roe, Trump or Betsy DeVos.

  6. Yeah The Blanos’s went nuts mocking DeFusco
    Want t really talk about CREEPY?

    They mocked him to a point that was very strange… I guess they have issues with Mike for not having kids?

    • One more time: DeFusco blocked dozens of Hoboken taxpayers on his OFFICIAL Hoboken Council social media: Facebook and Twitter.

      Leslie and her running mates have NOT BLOCKED any one from their CAMPAIGN Facebook account, as stated ad nauseam. What about Kids First the Sequel?

      Are you pretending to be an ignoramus or does it come naturally?

  7. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

    Voteing for the same group of people who tried force a $300,000,000 sports complex/HS upon the taxpayers would be insane.

    Hoboken voted NO and now demands change.

  8. Is comrade Pavel going to bring back to the good old days? Comrade Pavel and Kevin Davis (and the pantheon of creepy folks who support them) are fixated on everything except, you know, the schools. Seems like comrade Pavel likes to discuss alcohol more than taxes and budgets.

  9. Leadership that listens is the slate that wants to control who can vote based on their choices like if you dont have kids you must be silent.
    Just remember what Mr Clark said and the ALL APPLAUDED