LETTER: Julie Sanchez-Lynch deserves your vote in Bayonne 1st Ward council race


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne’s Christopher Munoz, the vice president of the BOE, speaks as a private citizen in explains why he’s voting for Julie Sanchez Lynch – his cousin – in the 1st Ward council race.

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Dear Editor,

As a 1st Ward Bayonne resident and voter, I am casting my vote for Julie Sanchez-Lynch. Julie’s credentials as a dedicated private business owner and involved parent have been well-documented over the past several years.

Her tireless campaign efforts are greatly appreciated, as are the goals she has articulated for the City of Bayonne. Julie’s dedication to professionalism and being a positive voice for the 1st ward has won my support.

Julie is exactly what we need. A fresh-face and voice for our city. She is not beholden to any politician, developer, and does not sail on family name recognition and protection from the mayor. She is an advocate for veterans and schools.

I and most of my fellow residents have appreciated the integrity and conviction of her campaign and efforts during this election cycle and so we are confident that Julie will act courageously and clearly to represent your constituents at this important moment and into the future.

I believe she will be a true advocate for all constituents and that she will help ensure that our city has a chance to maximize our potential. I wish her the very best on May 10th and urge my 1st Ward neighbors to cast their vote for Julie Sanchez-Lynch.

Christopher Munoz

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  1. Its a shame when BoE members across Hudson County try to simultaneously throw their titles around while distancing themselves from the very title that gives them credibility.

    How can you say the candidate doesn’t sail on family name recognition, when the very author giving their endorsement is an elected politician who happens to be their cousin?

    TLDR; politician endorses their family