LETTER: Jersey City’s Demetrius Terry explains why he’s running for the BOE


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Demetrius Terry explains why he will be seeking a seat on the local board of education. Demetrius Terry

Dear Editor,

As a proud resident of Jersey City, New Jersey, I will be seeking a seat on the Jersey City Board of Education.

With the recent acts of gun violence plaguing the streets of Jersey City, it’s vital our children have a representative who will not abandon them. Many of our children come from broken homes, and they need an advocate who understands them and will not forget about them.

Investing in our school district is so important to the development and growth of every child. Every child in Jersey City deserves to have access to the proper tools and services to help them succeed.

Every child in the Jersey City Public Schools System should feel they are apart of one big family not segregated.

With the recent cut of $8.5 million to our school district, some of our children, staff, and teachers will suffer from the loss. I believe every child deserves a top notch quality education in our district.

Please feel free to contact me directly anytime at (201)-284-1481 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Demetrius M. Terry

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