LETTER: It’s long overdue to give Jersey City teachers Chapter 78 relief


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City education activist and parent Gina Verdibello says it’s long overdue to give the local teachers Chapter 78 relief. 

Gina Verdibello.
Gina Verdibello.

Dear Editor,

Jersey City Public School teachers are the core of our public education system. Not
only do the teachers educate our youth during school hours, many teachers go above
and beyond in helping students beyond the school day.

You can see this reflected in our schools. Due in no small part to the hard work and dedication of the classroom teachers, the City of Jersey City was able to have local control of the City’s schools returned.

Now, with so many positives emanating from the public school system, why are we in February 2018 witnessing daily teacher protests resulting from the failure to settle on a fair contract for the teachers that includes chapter 78 relief?

Jersey City has been greatly transformed by the incredible development that has occurred in the past thirty (30) years. In order to keep Jersey City moving forward for all of its citizens and families, we need to invest in, maintain, and continue to improve a strong public education system.

A strong system of public education begins and ends with the classroom teachers..
As a parent of three children in the district, I believe we should cherish and respect our
teachers and pay them what they deserve.

Please don’t complain about noise when you hear them chanting in front of their schools with signs. Parents and community members should join them in the morning and show your support.

They have families just like you and me and want to provide for them.

We should be grateful for their hard work in educating our youth. I ask Mayor Fulop, Superintendent Marcia Lyles and our nine member Jersey City Board of Education to settle this contract today.


Gina Verdibello

Jersey City resident/parent advocate

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