Hoboken police chief: 2 more ‘terrorism’ flyer suspects interviewed, 2 others ‘lawyered up’


During a short exchange at last week’s Hoboken City Council meeting, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante revealed that two more “terrorism” flyer suspects have been interviewed, while two others “lawyered up” and will be issued subpoenas. 

Ferrante, flyer

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Since our last meeting, the following day, had a long meeting with County Prosecutor [Esther] Suarez. The following day, through her recommendation, she hooked up Capt. [Charles] Campbell with one of the assistant prosecutors,” Ferrante told the council.

“There have been two more interviews since the meeting, two people lawyered up, did not have interviews with us and we are going to use the power of subpoena to get more information on this.”

Ferrante’s remarks on the investigation, which lasted just 30 seconds, came at the end of an over four hour council meeting where the governing body overrode a veto by Mayor Ravi Bhalla regarding placing a November ballot question on reinstating runoff elections.

At the January 3rd council meeting, as Hudson County View first reported, the police chief detailed what the investigation had entailed up to that point, noting that the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service had assisted in the probe.

The midnight flyer, released days before November’s mayoral contest, said “Don’t let TERRORISM take over our town” over a photo of then-Councilman-at-Large Bhalla. The literature also said it was paid for by 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco’s campaign.

While all four major candidates immediately denounced the flyer, no one took responsibility for it.

A week later, DeFusco’s sister started a GoFundMe page, offering a reward for anyone with any information regarding the creation and/or distribution of the flyer.

Later that month, the 1st Ward councilman gave the identities of five suspects in the case over to the Hoboken Police Department.

As of this writing, no one has been charged in the ongoing probe.

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  1. Great to see you following up on this. HCV does a great service by putting facts out there straight and letting the chips fall where they may. Best of luck to the HPD as they try and track down the person/persons ultimately responsible.

  2. What about the flyer that attacked all of DeFusco’s Italian supporters with an altered Graphic of “the GodFather” movie logo?
    Attacking Italians and calling them criminals and murderers is also bigoted.

    • Unless you’re suggesting that came from the Bhalla or Giattino camps, which is a laugh line, you know damn well the Russos were with Romano, and if they thought it was anti-Italian they wouldn’t have stood for it. The main rogues highlighted on that flyer were Carmelo and Patty Waiters. Not exactly the first people you think of when you’re putting on a “Luca Brazi sleeps with the fishes” affectation.

      Face it, DuFusco didn’t have enough Italian support to speak of to have your stupid ambulance chasing claim make any sense. All he had was a bunch of bitter phony keyboard warriors looking for a way to chisel back in on the action. FAIL

  3. Nice Try, do you change your screen name to fit whatever you’re replying to? Russo and Romano, IMO they were intentionally blamed for a copy cat crime — the fliers came from persons close to Ravi’s camp. It’s obvious. Romano posted signs within marine view to mess with defusco, he’s not so stupid to use an age old tactic that would automatically be blamed on him. Ravi all the way — anything to win. Scary.

    • When someone does something really stupid like this racist flyer stunt, the most likely suspects are the stupidest people. That’s why in my opinion it was someone close to the Giattino campaign. The stupidest people were running that campaign.

    • HPD should revisit some of these people. Ravi may not have been told but he knows very well today how it went down. HPD should question the campaign workers in the Bhalla camp. Take a Federal agent with you when you do. They know and they’re scared. Trying to bury this scandal.

          • Someone is cruisn’ for a 5 year bruisn’ Better check your insurance policy if you keep it up, I doubt the person you are obsessed with will take it much longer. Dawn and Stan aren’t like The Mason’s they won’t fund your defense- and neither will the city or any other public agency

          • You really are disconnected from reality. Making stupid empty threats may make you feel like a big tough guy but to anybody reading your nonsense it just makes you look pathetic and small.

      • Good idea. Hoboken Police Dept. is working to find the truth. We applaud the effort. Some officials offer awards encouraging the culprits be caught. Notice Ravi is not one of them. Neither are the big construction unions backing him.

        Just a coincidence.

  4. GA is the place to peddle conspiracy theories against past Bhalla opponents. There the BotBoys will echo your message and drown out any inconvenient questions.