LETTER: ‘Hypocrisy’ for 3 Jersey City BOE trustees to vote against Shaw appointment


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Demetrius Terry is calling “hypocrisy” on the three Jersey City Board of Education trustees who voted against appointing Lekendrick Shaw to the governing body last night.

New Jersey City Board of Education Trustee Lekendrick Shaw.

Dear Editor,

On Monday, August 26th the Jersey City Board of Education voted to fill the vacated seat of Matt Schapiro. I was happy to hear Lekendrick Shaw was appointed as the replacement.

Not only he is a small business owner in Jersey City, but he also is the youngest African American to be appointed to the Jersey City Board of Education.

However, the three African Americans on the board voted against him. I am shocked Vice President Lorenzo Richardson, Trustee Gevonder DuPree, and Trustee Joan Terrell Paige would vote against this young man.

We constantly talk about how our youth need positive role models especially on the South side of Jersey City yet some turn their back on our youth when the opportunity arises.

Our youth on the South side of Jersey City deserves to have representation on the board who has their best interest.

Thank you to the board members President Sudhan Thomas, Trustee Gina Verdibello, Trustee Mussab Ali, Trustee Gerry Lyons, and Trustee Marilyn Roman who voted “Yes” to appoint him.

Let’s continue to be role models to our youth in our city!

“We are excited to have a young entrepreneur from the south side of the city to join the Board. Trustee Shaw’s business & financial world experience coupled with his spunk & resilience will be a great addition to the JCBOE, Trustee Shaw is a young and successful entrepreneur from the south side of the city and is a role model for the JCBOE/JCPS kids. The JCBOE wishes him the best and we are excited with this new addition”- President Sudhan Thomas

Demetrius M. Terry
Jersey City resident

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