LETTER: Hoboken mayoral candidate Bautista weighs in on DACA repeal


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken mayoral candidate Ron Bautista weighs in on President Donald Trump’s (R) repeal of the Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals program.

Ron Bautista. Facebook photo.
Ron Bautista. Facebook photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Dear Editor,

I’ve been living in Hoboken for the past 18 years, and it took me 11 of those years to finally get my green card. You can say I’m one of the lucky ones, since most people don’t even get the opportunity I did.

I am now a US citizen, proud to say I’m a former undocumented immigrant, running for mayor of Hoboken.

All politics are local and it takes all of us at the city level to defend and empower our diverse communities, especially the Dreamers from the DACA program that the Trump administration is putting an end to.

Let’s make it perfectly clear that an injustice for one is an injustice for all, and that the fight for immigrant rights is the same fight for women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and civil rights.

Just how we legalized a woman’s right to vote, abolished segregation and brought marriage equality, let’s stand together with our immigrant brothers and sisters for the right to live in America, a country built by immigrants.

Ron Bautista

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  1. So anyone can smuggle people into the country and US law means nothing?
    All the people who spend years paying their way to legally come mean nothing?

    Most DACA people are in their 20s and many in their 30s.
    The DACA action was illegal. That is why it ended. The federal courts were going to act on a bunch of states challenging it.

    All politics are local and then you get swamped with illegal aliens and get stuck for the bill. Try that in another country and see what happens.

      • It’s sad that good people like Jen Giattino who helped support calls for money to defend a SLAPP suit get attacked relentlessly and viciously by supposed friends and former residents.
        Guess the Bhalla/Grossbard campaign feeds the pigs more slop

        • It’s much sadder that a commenter invokes a SLAPP suit (frivolous lawsuits to chill free speech) to chill free political discourse/fair comment about a candidate running for office.

          It’s also ironic.

          If Giattino can’t take the heat, she shouldn’t be in politics. Nobody cares if she’s nice. She doesn’t get to run Hoboken because she’s nice. That seems to be her selling point: she’s nice, people like her. That’s all good, but how to her governing and management skills compare with the other candidates? What are her ideas and proposals and priorities? Those are fair questions and you cant bully everyone who asks them, or who doesnt find her as perfect a fit for the Mayor’s chair as you do. You can’t suppress free speech because Giattino is nice.

        • What does helped support calls for money mean? Did she donate money? The way you phrased that it sounds like she didn’t give a dime but asked other people to give money. Is that what you meant to say or did I misunderstand?

          And why are you even talking about this in a thread having nothing to do with Giattino?

        • Giatino said she will help support wishing not too many residents get deported as a result of her party’s immigration policies. She also plans to help support hoping not too many Hobokenites lose their healthcare coverage a a result of her party’s attempts to gut the ACA. Giatino has a full program of wishing and hoping her party wasn’t so heartless.