LETTER: Hoboken 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino deserves to be re-elected


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Cheryl Fallick explains why 6th Ward Councilwoman Jen Giattino deserves to be re-elected.

Dear Editor,

The residents of Hoboken’s 6th Ward, me included, breathed a collective sigh of relief in early August when Councilwoman Jen Giattino announced that she would be seeking re-election for a 4th term as our 6th ward council representative on Hoboken’s city council.

I recently attended Jen’s re-election bid kick-off where the space overflowed onto the street with supporters and well-wishers. That level of respect is well-earned after years of dedication to the residents of not only our ward, but the city as a whole.

Never one to grab a headline, at the event, Giattino finally dedicated part of her remarks to providing us with a long (but hardly exhaustive) list of accomplishments and actions in which she has been involved throughout her tenure on the council to date.

As part of the legislative branch of government, Councilwoman Giattino has always been the quintessential problem solver. Include her in any discussion and a solution or, at minimum, positive steps towards a solution to any issue or problem is assured.

As a long-time resident and 6th ward constituent, it is without reservation that I encourage my friends and neighbors in the 6th ward to cast their vote for this knowledgeable, determined, compassionate and creative representative whose work ethic and character are unparalleled.

In addition to regularly tackling quality-of-life issues for residents, we can count on Jen to always demand financial transparency from the administration and candid honesty in her dealings with the public.

Jen represents the entire community and puts our local needs first.

Whether she’s checking in on a senior after an inclement weather incident, explaining rent protections to a tenant or responsibilities to a landlord or providing input to a business owner on the best ways to comply with a newly passed ordinance, Jen’s responsiveness is emblematic of what it means to be a true public servant.

Perhaps the quality that all of us find most impressive about Jen is her willingness to serve any and every resident who reaches out to her with an issue, problem, or concern.

This characteristic is rare in Hoboken these days and in our current political climate where all too often responsiveness is dependent on previous political support.

Never one to ignore or dismiss, we’ve been lucky to have such a responsive representative for the last 3 terms. Let’s make it 4!

On Election Day, November 7th or during early voting, I urge my neighbors in the 6th ward to join me in supporting our incumbent councilperson and ‘vote Jen Again.’

Cheryl Fallick
Hoboken resident

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  1. Oh the world can finally breathe a sigh of relief!
    Fallick is win Jen!
    Still doesn’t make up for her turncoating in the first ward supporting Puppet Rafi

  2. Not that we, good people of Hoboken, should allow ourselves to fall to – or even acknowledge – the level of desperation that Ravi’s team slithers by spreading fake racism and fabricated death threats (over/under on the authorities prosecuting the perpetrator(s) of the latest Bhalla tactic?) in order to campaign on victimization, but rumor has is that Lauren Myers was *CRYING* after the last debate!

    You see, dear reader, Pat Waiters absolutely DESTROYED Ms. Myers by calling out that she – like Ravi, Phil, Jim, and Joe are all manipulative lawyers. When Lauren tried their phony “I’m not a Ravi puppet” line, Pat subtly cut her by pointing out how she picked up her petitions at City Hall the day before she turned them back in.

    And a poor Stevens student helping John Heinis run the debates caught Little Ms. Innocent bawling her eyes out in the restroom after the debates. And this was witnessed by several others too. Admittedly, it wasn’t as well observed or as massively corrupt as when Ravi’s team littered Hoboken with racist fliers in 2017, and it probably wasn’t recorded on several cameras and also occurring in Edison the same week, but it was nonetheless pretty CATastrophic. Even “honest John” Heinis was attacked online for running such a fair and transparent debate. Me…Ow!

    And now Ravi’s goons are apparently threatening to end Peter Biancamano if he allows Pat Waiters into Tuesday’s debate! What a disgrace. The factual fire that Pat openly spits – and admittedly perhaps occasionally too passionately – is like a spotlight being shown on a coach roach orgy: they immediately scatter. And like other concerned citizens of Hoboken who aren’t afraid to stand up to Ravi and who are NOT GOING ANYWHERE, Pat is a Hoboken hero.

    Let Pat in. Jen, Tiffanie, and Paul will likely each win. And fingers-crossed that Liz can pull the upset in the 5th and knockout Phil “of it” Cohen. But don’t for a second think that Ravi doesn’t have a one of two last minute election tactics up his sleeve to save his own ward. What will we see in a couple weeks? A “safety” rally around the stop sign on 12th and Adams – the only thing Phil delivered in 4 years? No, methinks it will need to be something more emotional, to appeal to the feelings-trump-facts voters, like…well, you know.

    Side note: If your tears weren’t of the crocodilian form, Ms. Myers, I truly pity you. For you have no idea of the volume, suction, or nonstop wrapping of which sweet, innocent, “just a poor boy done good” Ravi’s tentacles with wrap you in order to desperately cling to whatever little power he thinks he may have left. By the way Ravi, your “power” is thankfully evaporating: if not the exposure of both your pal Bob “Tutankhamun” Menendez and best man Gurbir Grewal federal crimes, then surely (and quite humorously) those in your own party will stab you in the back for popping off too soon and challenging the spawn of Menendez without the HCNJ Dem Party family’s approval.