LETTER: Brennan scandal shows a failure in leadership for Murphy


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident John Milan Sebik explains why he feels that the Trenton scandal involving Katie Brennan has already shown a failure in leadership for Gov. Phil Murphy (D).

Dear Editor,

Back in September, We all heard Governor Murphy blast the process on
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Governor Murphy applauded sexual assault victim Ford for her “extraordinary courage” in coming forward to testify.

Testimony heard from Jersey City victim Katie Brennan was ever so heartbreaking. She was right though, when she stated, “I should not have to be here today.”

After reporting her assault to the Jersey City Police and Hudson County
Prosecutor’s Office, no charges were filed in December 2017.

Katie Brennan testified that she contacted Murphy’s transition team before he took office in Jan 2018 and verbally contacted several senior aides including Murphy’s chief of staff, chief counsel, deputy chief of staff for legislative affairs and chief campaign counsel.

Katie also emailed the Governor’s office in March 2018 to no avail.

The Governor responded, “hang in , we are on it.” The only thing heard afterwards was crickets.

There was no movement, no other return emails, no contact, no other investigation, so in essence no care or concern for the victim until the Wall Street Journal published her story in October 2018.

This was also the first time, supposedly, the Governor heard of this incident.

Katie Brennan did ALL and Everything she could and the System failed her, the process failed her, the Progressive NJ State Governor failed her.

The governor who has said he is an advocate for women, but failed Katie Brennan. The governor who has vowed, “a stronger and fairer NJ,” failed Katie Brennan.

The governor who speaks of progressive policies and “putting common sense and residents first in line,” failed Katie Brennan and all sexual assault victims of NJ.

It’s shameful that Katie Brennan had to go to work everyday and see the man she accused of raping her until October of 2018.

At every turn, Katie Brennan was rebuffed, silenced, and denied even an inquiry by the Governor’s office in ANY way.

How was it possible that a sexual assault allegation fell on deaf ears even at the highest levels of government?

I hate to say it but this is simple politics unless anyone tells me
otherwise. I believe the Governor should take a stand and show he is a true advocate for women.

He should address the timeline of events and have each of his senior aides
testify under oath to the Committee. Senator Weinberg should demand nothing less and if she does not then we know this is just NJ politics at its worst.

Where are the protests? Where is the #metoomovement now? Sexual assault should be above politics but as it looks like right now, it’s not.
Actions speak louder than words, Governor Murphy.

The next meeting is December 18th, Governor Murphy should take a true leap forward and testify and allow his aides to testify also.

That is the only way to determine why Katie Brennan has had to wait so
long for justice.

John Milan Sebik
Bayonne resident

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