Hudson County Courthouse lockdown lifted after ‘armed suspect’ call investigated


The lockdown on the Hudson County Courthouse has been lifted after police investigated a report of an “armed suspect,” prompting the K-9 and SWAT units from the county sheriff’s office to respond to the scene.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

JP Escobar, a spokesman for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that local authorities were responding to the incident and that the courthouse, located at 595 Newark Ave., would be on lockdown until further notice.

The lockdown did not last for a long time, with the courthouse being put on alert around 2 p.m., with Escobar telling HCV around 4 p.m. that the courthouse had reopened.

“The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office determined the reports [of an armed suspect] were unfounded,” he said.


Editor’s note: This story has ben updated with new information. 

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