LETTER: Bhalla’s team best choice for Hoboken, candidate’s fiance says


In a letter to the editor, Tara Mullins, a Hoboken Democratic committeewoman and the fiance of council candidate John Allen, says Ravi Bhalla’s team is the best choice for the Mile Square City. Team Bhalla

Dear Editor,

Coaching legend Dean Smith once said, “There comes a point in every contest when
sitting on sidelines is not an option.”

For my fiancé John Allen, that point was Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and like many others, John anticipated a different result but instead of just being angry, he raised his hand and joined Ravi Bhalla.

However, John has never been one to sit on the sidelines. At the age of 23, John was
elected President of the Old Bridge Board of Education in central New Jersey, responsible for managing a $100+ million budget and ensuring a quality education for just over 9,000 students.

It is important for our municipal government and board of education to work together to meet the growing demands of Hoboken’s young population.

John will dedicate his efforts to making Hoboken more than a stopover in route to the suburbs for young couples – like ourselves – who are planting their roots here.

It was John’s experience working with public schools that inspired him to continue
advancing education through a career as an attorney representing and advising
school districts throughout New Jersey.

His expertise in education and municipal law will be an asset for our local government and his fresh perspective is not tainted by old grudges and animosity. John’s unique talent of fostering dialogue and compromise will serve our city well.

In addition to his professional and civic work, John serves on the Board of Directors
for Easterseals New Jersey, one of the state’s oldest and largest charities that helps
individuals and families with disabilities have an active role in their communities.

More than ten years ago, my future mother-in- law was diagnosed with multiple
sclerosis and unfortunately was not able to continue living in her Hoboken walkup.

According to the UN, about 6.25 billion people are predicted to be living in cities by
2050 and an estimated 15 percent of those people will be affected by disabilities.

John believes that responsible urbanization in Hoboken will be vital to achieving
sustainable and inclusive development. John will work to ensure a vibrant Hoboken
will remain accessible to all.

For John, smart development also means fighting to protect Hoboken’s unique charm and character. He doesn’t want to see Hoboken turn into a square mile of skyscrapers and it is crucial for our leaders to preserve a quality of life complete with open spaces, parks and businesses for all to enjoy.

Smart development is addressing Hoboken’s infrastructure issues, specifically flooding. As residents of 9th and Monroe, flooding personally impacts John and me but while there is more work to do, we have noticed improvements as a result of flood pump installations. John is committed to making Hoboken more resilient and prepared for the increasingly
frequent heavy rain events.

But most importantly, John believes in a fair, honest and transparent government that will implement fiscal responsibility, putting the welfare of our Hoboken neighbors first and not swayed by special interests.

What I admire most about John is his energy, optimism, dedication and drive to
stand up for what he believes in. It was all these traits that inspired me to join John
in a run for our Democratic County Committee seats.

We had the opportunity to hear first hand from our neighbors about the issues that matter most to them. With every encounter, John gave his undivided attention, listened to every concern and acted as voice to ensure those concerns were heard by our current leaders.

John’s decision to run with Councilman Ravi Bhalla is based on a simple fact: Ravi’s
experience, skills, and vision set him apart from all of the other candidates.

This is demonstrated by #TeamBhalla being the only campaign that has offered detailed,
thorough, and realistic policy proposals on issues including education, transportation, and open space.

I have no question that alongside Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Councilman Jim Doyle and Emily Jabbour, John possesses the leadership qualities to bring fresh perspective to the City Council and keep Hoboken moving forward.

So on Tuesday, November 7, I encourage my neighbors get off the sidelines and vote for the team that will take a stand. Vote for #TeamBhalla.

Tara Mullins, Hoboken Democratic Committee Woman (Ward 3, District 5), and 10+
year resident of Hoboken

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  1. This is perhaps the most disturbing calculated political move Ravi Bhalla has made yet. His conflicts of interest with Suez are clearly documented, but it is not as well known that the firm where he is a partner also has contracts with NJ Transit. In attempting to hide from that conflict, Bhalla has said he will quit the firm if elected mayor so there will be no conflict (i.e. admitting that there is one now). The troubling part is that Bhalla specifically recruited a mini-me in John P. Allen so he would have an agent under his control to wheel and deal government contracts in his stead. We shouldn’t have to constantly ask and wonder which of our city vendors our elected officials have conflicts with – we should simply stop electing people whose personal business is based primarily on government contracts. There are so many smart and dedicated Hoboken residents who we won’t have to keep a constant eye on to monitor if they are really working for the residents or for the vendors who arealso paying them at any given moment. Ravi Bhalla made a false statement at a public meeting trying to deny his firm’s publicly listed contract with Suez. I don’t know John P. Allen, and I think most voters don’t, but if Ravi Bhalla is advocating for him based on his legal career, Hoboken voters should have serious concerns.

  2. I wonder if Tara knows that Ravi Bhalla has fought against adding several ADA parking spaces for the public on Washington Street.
    Every time parking is discussed you can see Ravi’s back arch up and he jumps in that we should “crack down” on “those handicap” spaces
    So, John’s mom lived here, but John just moved here and only voted as a registered Democrat this past year?

    Something smells funny

  3. Is Johnny’s fiance proud of the fact he left his first council meeting last night after 15 minutes?
    He ran out of there after signing up to speak but didn’t see the need after the issue he was ” so concerned ” about was tabled.
    Guess his first Full Council meeting would be his “swearing in ceremony” but then again, this is probably his last meeting for the newly minted Democrat!

  4. This sounds so much like the letter from a young council candidate’s fiance back in 2005
    That candidate was also an attorney
    That candidate also had a relative that had to leave Hoboken
    That Candidate also worked for a state connected law firm
    That candidate also made his democratic party affiliation a central talking point
    That Candidate went on to be the Mayor of Hoboken.
    Mayor for 22 days!

  5. “Get off the sidelines”? Really Tara?
    How obnoxious… the sidelines is exactly where John was for most of his time here in Hoboken
    I can’t think of a LESS involved candidate on the ballot this year than John.
    His association with law firms and Ravi is why he’s being called by so many as John P2P Allen

    Maybe he should spend more than a few months as a committeeman before he is elected to the council where he’s already been promised the Council Presidency by Ravi

    Why don’t you tell us when exactly did John register as a Democrat and when did you Tara return your Republican Registration?

    • He’s not being called “P2P John by so many” — only by YOU under 3 dozen screen names. What a jealous tool. What have these people ever done to YOU, you miserable toad. Picking on a man’s fiancée is low.

  6. So Tara says: ““There comes a point in every contest when
    sitting on sidelines is not an option.” For my fiancé John Allen, that point was Tuesday, November 8, 2016 and like many others, John anticipated a different result but instead of just being angry, he raised his hand and joined Ravi Bhalla.”

    “However, John has never been one to sit on the sidelines. ”

    Talk about contradictions, what was your boyfriend doing all these years in Hoboken? Sitting on the front line?

  7. What exactly is wrong with you? Between 7:19 and 9:52 you posted 5 hysterical, hateful screeds under 5 different screen names. And, attacked a “non-combatent” tge guy’s fiancée, for God’s sake. You seriously need therapy or, if that doesn’t work, a lobotomy.

    Try putting Lithium in your coffee.

  8. Fiancé just want to get her groom a proper employment, a steady paycheck. Why are you so cynical about it!? Way to go girl!

    I’m voting team Bhalla I don’t know about you.

  9. Now that Stan retired, he’s become a great Historian on Baseball, Hoboken and a Medical Doctor able to analyze mental states of people who he once begged to help his wife after she had a fight with Beth Mason and Vote Hoboken

    Dawn and Stan used reformers and now she embraces most of Mason’s cabinet as her closest advisors.

  10. Tony may be vocal and often pretty angry, but he has reason when it comes to Bhalla’s team and GA
    GA allowed a post to remain on her vicious blog that claimed “He (Tony) exploited his father’s funeral” yes folks, that’s what Nancy Pincus allowed to remain! Even Bhalla’s dad reposted the link to thread on his facebook page, now maybe he didn’t see the vicious and desecration of Tony’s Dad a good Catholic, church going man’s funeral, but then again consider the sources …

    • Dear reader, you will be told throughout this website how awful this person and her blog is. But for political reasons you will never be told where to find it. They fear you might reach a different conclusion on your own. Here’s the link. Decide for yourself. Don’t let agenda-driven commenters decide for you. Good luck.


      • Hey Nancy Pinkus, no one cares. The Ravi campaign use you to cover up the conflicts with Suez, NJ Transit and a whole lot more if City Hall is captured.

        At least Dawn didn’t try to use Hoboken to move up and trade on its citizens. There’s no doubt about this stupidity with John P2P’s gal pal promoting him like anyone would care about two people who never did a damn thing for Hoboken.

        Oh yeah, he’ll serve as the Trading Place legal pitstop for legal contracts in NJ directed by Ravi and his crew.

        Wow, look at how a “reform” candidate makes his first choice when it matters. Follow the money and the contracts! A vote for Ravi is a vote for pay-to-play.

        Don’t let them and the Nancy Pincus cave dwellers sell out out Hoboken!

  11. Please note there are multiple people using the screenname lindalou. I am not the individual who posted this offensive post, though it surely was intended to create and promote that fiction/lie.