LETTER: Bayonne Mayor Davis erred in not having Councilman Gullace run with him again


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident John Milan Sebik explains why he feels Mayor Jimmy Davis erred in not having 2nd Ward Councilman Sal Gullace run with him again.

John Milan Sebik (left) and Bayonne 2nd Ward Councilman Sal Gullace. Facebook photo.

One may ask: What do you look for in a councilperson? I know what I would want. I would want someone who made the time to answer an email, answer a phone call and actually follow up with an answer, a solution or an alternative.

I would want someone who you know genuinely, will make the right decisions for our city regardless of what maybe the mayor may want because his constituents are for or against a certain development or law.

You want someone who is accessible, even if it was a personal emergency because a lot of people, like some senior citizens are just alone.

In July 2020, an unthinkable horrific accident happened to one of the best councilpersons Bayonne has ever had, Sal Gullace.

One can only imagine what Sal Gullace went through physically and mentally being immobile for 9 months and more, surgery after surgery, not knowing if the leg would heal, if his body can take the pain.

Remember this was COVID time, minimal visitors, limited times to see a loved one, if at all.

This is what Sal Gullace went through, 9 months plus between hospitals and rehabilitation centers. It’s a tough place to be mentally not knowing if you will ever work again and support your family.

Six years together as a team for the City of Bayonne, do you know that only two Council people went to see him, Sharon Nadrowski and Gary La Pelusa. Actions matter and words are only words.

I made every effort to support Sal and his family. I did it because I cared. I did it because I didn’t want him to get depressed. I did it to help him gain strength. I did it because Sal Gullace was there for me, when I needed him time after time.

I did it because knowing Sal throughout the years, I supported him and we became friends. This is what Sal was like as a councilperson, he was open, honest, helpful, accessible and always made the time day or night to help, to be there, period.

When the rumors started that Mayor Davis was booting Sal Gullace, I went to the mayor and he laughed at it and said it was just rumors. In fact, he said “He will help Sal campaign if he has to push him around.” I believed him, until the truth came out.

Where there is smoke, there is fire and right now there is a fire in City Hall and it only will change with new leadership.

Power corrupts and I fear the City we all love is becoming embedded once again with the political machine and everyone knows where Bayonne was from 2008-2014.

It was one bad deal after another while, smiling faces in City Hall praised the deals we are all dealing with now. Bayonne doesn’t need more “Pop Up Politicians” who will stay in their lane, and show up all dressed up for the occasion and neglect the voters.

We need more Sal Gullaces: more honesty, more humility, and more compassion – not less.

John Milan Sebik
Bayonne resident

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