LETTER: All residents of Hoboken’s 2nd Ward should vote to re-elect Fisher


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken resident Maureen Carroll explains why she feels all residents of Hoboken’s 2nd Ward should vote to re-elect Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher.

Dear Editor,

I am asking all residents of the 2nd ward to get out and vote for Tiffanie Fisher, the candidate with a proven track record of positive results. Tiffanie Fisher is the candidate who will continue to make government accountable to the citizens of Hoboken.

Fighting for the 2nd ward makes Tiffanie the outsider with the self-serving at City Hall because she never gives up or trades off the needs of her constituents.

Tiffanie and I don’t always agree, but she always responds, listens, and weighs individual needs versus the good of the community.

Many of us have demanding jobs and family obligations that prevent us from participating in politics. Tiffanie is retired and willing to dedicate 100% of her time to representing us. More importantly, Tiffanie knows the job requires her to represent the entire community.

Tiffanie is an all-inclusive candidate. She represents everyone — families with young children, empty nesters, and single folks.

I was at the forefront with Tiffanie, blocking the building on the Monarch Pier and advocating for a handicapped-accessible promenade that connected all of Hoboken.

Before Tiffanie’s hard work, some may remember that wheelchairs and baby carriages were forced into traffic to navigate the waterfront. I first met Tiffanie during that fight — she was not a politician, nor had any aspirations to be one.

Tiffanie witnessed my mom and a neighbor, both well in their 80s, get out in the snow and rain to collect thousands of signatures the old-fashioned way.

Tiffanie stepped in and researched what was needed; she mobilized the citizens, and in a short time, hundreds of our neighbors showed up at City Hall and forced the local politicians to do their jobs.

During that time, Tiffanie gained priceless experience with the local government and had a calling to public service to challenge local government to serve the people, not themselves.

Tiffanie brings transparency to the government and calls out those who continue to play dirty politics, and that is why, more than ever, we need Tiffanie to keep them in check.

I am confident Tiffanie Fisher will continue to get results for the Citizens of the second ward and beyond.

Maureen Carroll
Hoboken 2nd Ward resident

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  1. Letter writer lives in Tea Building and Fisher is the councilperson for the Tea Building. I live in another part of the second ward, not one of the big wealthy buildings. Never see her in my neighborhood.

  2. Mary, what’s your point? The 2nd ward only encompasses a few blocks, and there are dozens of opportunities / events to meet council people. Be proactive and get out and attend public meetings. I think it’s unfair to expect a council person to magically appear in your living room while you swig a soda and pick your nose. Both people running live in, as you call it, the” big wealthy buildings” with thousands of residents. All Hoboken residents shop in the same stores, eat at the same restaurants, and drink at the same bars —Hoboken is a small town, so it is virtually impossible that you are in some remote, uncharted territory where you never see a council person.