LETTER: 2nd gubernatorial debate clearly showed Ciattarelli best suited to run N.J.


In a letter to the editor, Hudson County Young Republican Chair and Hoboken GOP Party Secretary Pavel Sokolov says that the second gubernatorial debate clearly showed that GOP nominee Jack Ciattarelli is best suited to run New Jersey.

Photo courtesy of the Hoboken GOP.

Dear Editor,

October 12th’s New Jersey gubernatorial debate once again showed the stark dichotomy
between Jack Ciattarelli’s ear to the ground, community-oriented approach to policy crafting, and Phil Murphy’s authoritarian, one size fits all, blanket orders.

It is abundantly clear that if we want a way forward for New Jersey that focuses on the welfare of our state’s residents, Jack Ciattarelli is the only choice for governor.

For the second time now we have had the opportunity to hear the candidates make their case to the New Jersey public, and for the second time we have seen Jack Ciattarelli outline a plan that takes into account the lives and issues of New Jerseyans, such as property tax relief, spurring economic recovery, and aiding failing schools.

On other hand, we have now twice seen Murphy unable to defend his record as governor nor put forth a plan forward for New Jersey, other than generic national level sound bites that often do not reflect the realities that we face in our great state.

Baseless attacks and false characterizations have been a staple of the Murphy campaign,
repeatedly trying and failing to associate Jack Ciattarelli with the January 6th insurrection, and denigrating half of our state by taking a page out of failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and claiming that anyone who does not support him is a “confederate flag waving racist.”

Murphy no doubt understands that personal attacks are his only recourse, as his record is not something he can stand upon if he wishes to inspire New Jerseyans to vote for him.

Harassment claims in both his own administration and New Jersey prisons, a sluggish economic recovery in part cause by his heavy-handed pandemic orders which targeted small family owned businesses, while allowing megacorp big box stores to eat up all their competition, and an inability to solve our state’s budget issue without being bailed out by the Federal government, is the legacy of Murphy’s term as governor.

Shockingly, Murphy continues to claim to champion middle class America, while at the same time repeatedly confirming his status as an out of touch millionaire investment bank by refusing to see the crushing effects of his shuttering of small businesses coupled with his refusal to address the elephant of the room of rampant over taxation in New Jersey which Murphy not only fails to address, but openly mocks as an issue.

Jack Ciattarelli’s platform outlines the need to reevaluate how New Jersey is run by
focusing on the issues at a community level.

While state level policies can be well meaning and well intentioned, they often do not reflect the on the ground realities of the neighborhoods they are affecting. By fostering collaboration between Trenton and local city government, Ciattarelli can better resolve issues such as high property taxes, a lack of affordable housing, and failing schools in underfunded districts.

Ciattarelli’s background as a Certified Public Accountant, small business owner, freeholder, and state assemblyman have him uniquely positioned to address the concerns of the middle class who are hit with over taxation and at the same time must deal with
crumbling infrastructure direly in need of remediation.

After the disastrous tenure of Corzine it is no surprise that Wall Street Bankers do not have our best interests at heart, and as evidenced by Murphy’s flippant attitude towards the concerns of the New Jersey public while focusing on national talking points, Murphy is looking forward to four more years of malaise followed by a failed bid for national office.

Jack Ciattarelli is looking out for each and every New Jerseyan first and foremost, thinking creatively and collaboratively to move our state forward taking into account all the diverse views and ideas of our great state.

I urge you all to help put New Jersey on the right path for recovery and vote for Jack Ciattarelli for governor on November 2nd.

Pavel Sokolov

Hudson County Young Republican Chairman
Hoboken Republican Party Secretary

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  1. Go to his website. Bog standard republican spouting GOP talking points and programs, none of which get done without the legislature, which he won’t have. Will trumpy to endorse him with the kiss of death? Will he turn it down and risk the wrath of the maga mob or dutifully bend the knee and lose any independent voters who might be leaning his way? Decisions, decisions. Murphy’s going to win, so he’s just a sacrificial lamb taking one for the team

  2. This is a corrupt NJ where the stupidity of voters leads to self-flagellation and the words of their Democratic God are orders to follow. We will bring back an elistist billionaire who will retire to the million dolladollar t mancsions in Italy or France as he tells them if taxes are a problem NJ then it is not the place for you. I feel sorry for the suffering minority of voters who cannot leave but leave the rest to the hell they have created for themselves.