‘Leadership that Listens’ team sworn into Hoboken BOE, president and VP remain the same


The “Leadership that Listens” team, who swept in the eight-person Hoboken board of education race in November, were sworn in at their annual reorganization meeting last night.

From left to right: Hoboken Board of Education Trustees Alex De La Torre, Leslie Norwood, and Antonio Graña. Screenshot via YouTube.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Vice President Malani Cademartori nominated Sharyn Angley to retain the presidency, a motion that was seconded by Graña and no one else was nominated. Her nomination passed unanimously (8-0), with Trustee Chetali Khanna absent.

“Thank you very much. I’d like to congratulate our newly sworn in board members tonight, welcoming back Mr. De La Torre and welcoming Ms. Norwood and Mr. Graña. I look forward to working with each of you,” said Angley, who is up for re-election this November.

“I am happy to be back myself and look forward to a great year.”

Cademartori then received the nomination to remain vice president, which also passed unanimously.

Angley added that their current committee structure will remain in place for January, but assignments will be changed by next month.

The meeting, which only lasted for about 25 minutes, concluded after just two speakers during the public portion of the meeting.

The Hoboken BOE’s next regular meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 11th at the Demarest School Auditorium, 158 4th St., at 7 p.m.

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  1. I hope that pay-to-play violator Grana steps down from the Zoning Board to give other applicants an opportunity to serve on the zoning board. Holding two Board seats seems rather disingenious.

    • The plot by this board to steal your money is well underway. How else can this BoE aid all those Jersey City inner city kids who are dying to lace up their skates and play hockey? They’re counting on us!

  2. Not much of a chance they will actually listen to the two thirds of Hoboken who voted no and rejected the outrageously excessive sports pavilion with a school attached plan.

  3. All of these right wing commentators are still butt hurt about the election results. I am really looking forward to the Leadership That Listens team and I hope they realize that the election was a mandate for them to govern how they wish. They have a responsibility to put forth a proposal for a state of the art high school and to fight their right wing misinformation campaign.

    • Don’t be such a negative Nancy. They will do and say whatever Dr Johnson tells them to.

      But please do try to make it into a partisan political issue.

      The only mandate was the overwhelming no that the voters made very clear when asked last January when Johnson and the HBOE tried to slip her quarter of a billion dollar boondoggle scheme past them

      Lesson learned Johnson is not to be trusted.

  4. Maybe if they scrubbed their social media or avoided right wing/anti maske candidates and didnt use Snake Oil Salesman as their campaign manager a smart guy like Paval wouldn’t have been crushed.

    • Speaking of crushed, how is that high school coming? O yeah, 65% of the city voted against that elitist high school that will never be built despite what Mayor Bhalla and the school board will do to pull the wool over our eyes and sell us on it with an aggressive PR campaign.

  5. The recent school report shows that 90% of 8th graders don’t meet state math benchmarks. Quality education brought to you by LTL and Bhalla, no wonder the charters and private schools are overflowing. Apparently the only solution is to teach the kids to ice skate.

    • Don’t worry as long as there are a few students in that 10% who are doing OK we can still keep up the public relations pretense that Hoboken schools are being well managed.