LD-31 Democratic Assembly nominee McKnight blames intern for FB mishap


District 31 Democratic Assembly nominee Angela McKnight cruised to victory on Tuesday night, though she immediately faced some blowback due to a Facebook post already proclaiming her a newly elected Assemblywoman. Today, her staff says the mistake was made by an intern, as opposed to McKnight. 

Angela McKnight

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The Committee to Elect Angela V. McKnight would like to address a post on Angela’s Facebook page in which she was referred to by the title of Assemblywoman Elect and Nicholas as Assemblyman Elect,” reads a statement released to the press this afternoon.

Original post from Angela McKnight's Facebook yesterday.
Original post from Angela McKnight’s Facebook yesterday.

“We became aware of the post when a supporter reached out to another staff member. We apologize for the misrepresentation of Angela and Nicholas’ primary election win. A staff intern often updates Mrs. McKnight’s Facebook accounts. The intern has been corrected and reassigned to another task.”

“Unfortunately, the media outlets were already in motion to craft a sensational story. We can unequivocally confirm that Mrs. McKnight is very much aware that she and Mr. Chiaravalotti [sic] are the Democratic Nominees [sic] for State Assembly representing the 31st legislative district.

NJ Advance Media’s The Auditor column addressed the subject last night.

“Again, Mrs. McKnight would like to extend her sincere apologies and thank her supporters as we move forward in preparation for the general election.”

McKnight, the founder and owner of Jersey City’s AngelaCARES, a non-profit group that focuses on senior care, and her running mate – Nicholas Chiaravalloti – defeated the closest competition in Tuesday’s Democratic primary election by a roughly 4-to-1 margin.

They will now have to square off with Republican candidates Matthew Kopko and Herminio Mendoza in the November 3 general election.

Kopko told Hudson County View he wasn’t buying the McKnight team’s explanation on this one.

“Angela and Nick should know better, especially as it was posted on her personal page. I also note others were preparing Victory events for the “Assemblywoman Elect” with her blessing, so it’s not just 1 intern as they claim,” he wrote in an email.

“I’m responsible for the things put out on my behalf. Should she be any different? And if you look at her victory speech and watch it again, I’m not 100% confident she actually understands the Assembly electoral system.”

“Maybe Mr. Prieto can explain it to her. I would advise her and Nick to not take their voters for granted. I know I won’t.”

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