Mayor Fulop says he ’embraces’ Wall St., Dr. Lyles has made ‘tremendous progress’ in JCPS


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop was the featured speaker at Temple Emanu-El’s Leadership Group in Closter, NJ, where the mayor introduced himself to Jewish voters in Bergen County as he potentially preps for the 2017 governor’s race.


Mayor Fulop, who answered about ten questions from the crowd, said his administration “embraces” Wall Street, and that his tax abatement policy was drawing major financial firms to Jersey City.

Later on in the meeting Fulop talked about education in Jersey City, including his history of supporting winning candidates for the Jersey City Board of Education, and said that schools superintendent Dr. Marcia Lyles was making “tremendous progress” in the district.


  1. How many of the people in the Fulop administration have kids in the Jersey City public schools? Last I was aware only 1 person has kids and they attend a private school. He and his administration should say anything about the public schools because if they had kids in it they would know how LITTLE they are doing. They could do so much more!
    Fulop says he wants Jersey City to be the best mid-sized city – it won’t get there without new public school buildings. While some of that burden may lie on the state and school district it is a huge oversight to not require developers to create x amount of space for daycare classrooms or a few floors for a new school building instead of commercial space on the bottom floors for an abatement. The administration should not give another abatement unless the developers of bigger buildings create new schools at the base of the buildings. Sadly Fulop doesn’t have kids so he can’t emphasize with those of us that live in Jersey City but have to face buildings that are so old the water pipes are lined with lead pipes and kids can’t even drink the water.

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