Judge: Couple must sell home to pay $225k owed to Hoboken man


A Hudson County Superior Court judge ruled that a married couple must sell their home to pay the $225,757 they owe to a Hoboken man after a defamation case was dismissed last February. Hoboken bloggers

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Ordered and Adjudged that the Hudson County Sheriff is directed forthwith to conduct a sale of Plaintiffs’ real property,” Judge Lisa Rose wrote in a page-and-a-half decision dated December 2.

Additionally, Rose denied a cross motion opposing the sale of the property from Jane Garrity Glass, of the East Hanover law firm Garrity, Graham, Murphy, Garofalo & Flinn, P.C., who is currently representing the Bajardis.

As Hudson County View first reported in March, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Barry Sarkisian approved a $225,757 payment plan for the legal fees a Hoboken man, Mark Heyer, involved in a SLAPP lawsuit with two local bloggers.

In February 2015, a judge dismissed a $2 million defamation lawsuit filed by Lane and Kim Cardinal Bajardi against Hoboken bloggers Roman Brice and Nancy Pincus: better known as Hoboken Horse and Grafix Avenger, respectively.

Then in July of same year, Hudson County Superior Court Judge Patrick Arre ruled that the Bajardis will have to pay nearly $277,000 in legal fees.

Garrity Glass, as well as Michele Daitz, the attorney representing Heyer, could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday.

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  1. The Bajardis can send a Thank-You card to the Weehawken loser who helped them find “a lawyer Beth and Ricky are comfortable with.” Real great lawyer he found. Maybe the Weehawken loser can let them sleep in the back of his saloon. Or better yet, help pitch them a tent in his sugar mama’s backyard. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.

  2. Do you think I’d stand by and let you two lose your condo, become homeless and live in a cardboard box under the 14th Street viaduct?

    Of course I will. Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas.

    • It doesn’t work that way. The court will become trustee of their assets which will get sold to pay creditors, same result. Whatever they have will be dissipated to pay creditors, not only defendants, but lawyers, unpaid bills. Creditors may prefer that route, less hassle. Once they declare bankruptcy, creditors line up. The Bajardis can not escape the hefty judgment nor the massive debt they appear to be amassing in court.

    • lol. Talk about a feeding frenzy on their assets. you think a guy with a six-figure job and a $900,000 asset can declare bankruptcy and walk away from creditors? It looks like the guy holding his little pecker in his own hands wont be heyer or brice. he’ll be lucky if creditors don’t take his little pecker too! lol

    • Bankruptcy court will liquidate their assets to pay creditors, and will likely cut off funding the appeal.

      A certain NYC law firm partner lawyer better have his checkbook on call.

  3. I don’t always take legal advice from a Weehawken fish but when I do it’s to get me off the hook with my minions’ frivolous lawsuit. Can’t have this get back to Locktale LLC or my hubby’s ass will be in a sling. Guess who he’s blaming for this entire mess?

    First, offering my vacation home upstate was not an invitation to permanently house these minions.
    And no, they are not moving into the basement here either. There’s no room. That’s where the important wine is kept. It has to be carefully maintained and not disturbed by losers!

    Kimmy who? I don’t know you, crank caller! Crank caller! (Click)

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    • they had time to cut their losses and get out. they wanted to hurt people so they didnt. hate made them stupid and reckless. selfish parents!!!! its nobodys fault but theirs.