At Hoboken Council debate, hatred between Giattino and Garcia is palpable


A debate for Hoboken’s 2nd, 5th and 6th Ward Council candidates took place at the city’s Elks Lodge last night, where the hatred between Ward 6 Councilwoman Jen Giattino and Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia (D-33) was palpable. 


Hosted by the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition and moderated by Bob Bowden, the first half of the debate was pretty tame, but things began to heat up when Bowden asked the candidates what issue they believe their opponent is most wrong about.

Both Garcia and Giattino accused the other of being a no show in Ward 6 outside of election season.

Unfortunately, that was just a sneak preview of what the Ward 6 scrap will look like, as Garcia left the debate early.

However, Ward 5 Councilman Peter Cunningham and his opponent, Eduardo Gonzalez, didn’t mind sparring a few rounds over topics such as open space acquisition in the Mile Square City – including the Union Dry Dock and the BASF properties.

Cunningham also took a parting at Gonzalez, exclaiming he’s running with a team that “loves to play politics” instead of getting things done.

With Ward 2 Council candidate Tiffanie Fisher opting to serve on the zoning board last night instead of attending the debate, her opponents Peter Biancamano and Bonnie Murray kept things pretty cordial.

Both Murray and Biancamano voiced their feelings on the controversial Monarch project.

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  1. Jen Giattino was there for the whole debate. Carmelo Garcia apparently showed up 10 minutes late and left an hour early.

    I guess we can see who the real “no show” is in the 6th ward

  2. Cunningham says no increase in taxes, only loading debt and revaluations to load w more debt and directly responsible for having a larger share of County taxes for doing the reval outside the rest of the County. Cunningham does nothing but ignore constituents. Cunningham is with Zimmer who said she needs more money to “come out on top”, ie buy votes. Peter C is w an administration that is the antithesis o good government. They don’t even know government compliance laws and regularly flouts them when the applicable laws are pointed out.

  3. The hatred of Giattino for constituents is open in her Council meetings. She introduced an ordinance to charge residents $250 for not removing cars at the same time that the City was derelict in their duties of cleaning blocks which were vacant of cars for days on end. You can hear her stating in contradiction to reason that she thinks it should be perhaps more and then she giggles. Yes she is present but totally inappropriate and knows nothing of government. She can not keep the vow, “first do no harm”.

  4. Cunningham does nothing for constituents and his only talent is cheap meaningless shots. She it here, see it in council meetings. When our streets and sidewalks were not passable for over a week Cunningham claimed that every town is like this. When I told him I spend time in Union City and JC and can show him pics , he only delays and says I want to see those picture. Send him info and you only waste more time giving him a chance. Mayor Stack was not at all pleased with this attack.

  5. Garcia said where he was going when he left: probably the planning board meeting for the Stevens project that was going on simultaneously? That project is in the 6th ward! So maybe Jen should have been there instead of campaigning.

    • No he announced he was going to a Fundraiser. He definitely wasn’t at the planning board

      Ask him yourself and check with the Planning Board

    • Garcia is going to put $$$$$ into his pockets whether he wins or loses. Same as he did with the illegal vendors he took thousands of dollars from at the Hoboken Housing Authority.

      Some people in Hoboken support criminality. Others support good public servants who do their job for Hoboken residents.

      Tell your friends to show up to make sure the crooks don’t get their hands on our money.

    • A better discussion would be how did Mr Garcia come to acquire his home in the 6th ward. Have heard some interesting stories on that one.

      If Mr Garcia was at the debate for more than 5 seconds maybe they could have asked him