Joe Conte, Ray Regalado announce Assembly run off the line in LD-31


Joe Conte, a former Jersey City Democratic Organization chairman, and Ray Regalado, a Jersey City police officer who has previously run for council, announced their candidacy for the district 31 Assembly race at the Brennan Court House yesterday. 


A number of organizations, family members and friends showed their support for the duo, including a member of American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employes and a Jersey City teacher.

At the conclusion of the press conference, Conte and Regalado put a few moments aside to speak with Hudson County View.

Editor’s Note: After this story was posted, Hudson County View was informed that although a number of speakers voiced their support for Joe Conte and Ray Regalado, the only formal endorsements came from AFSCME and the Jersey City Puerto Rican Parade Committee President Carmen Vega. 

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  1. Wishing Ray Ragaldo and Joe Conte all the best. Both are first class gentleman that understand the problems that plagued our working class neighborhoods of Hudson County. Especially those of South Hudson where the 31st legislative district encompasses Bayonne and Jersey City.