UPDATED: Hudson County Jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady found guilty on phone tapping charges


Hudson County Jail Deputy Director Kirk Eady was found guilty on phone tapping charges by a federal grand jury in Newark’s U.S. District Court.

After about three full days of testimony, which included Hudson County corrections offficers who said their private conversations with friends were recorded by Eady – through the Prank Dial website’s Evil Operator function, a guilty verdict was reached by the jury.

Eady’s attorney, Peter Willis, argued that Eady was a “party” the calls he monitored and recorded, therefore there was no crime committed. Although Assistant U.S. Attorney David Foster scoffed at the notion, U.S. District Court Judge Jose Linares said he would make a ruling on the defense motion at a later date.

Therefore, it is possible that Eady could have a new trial if Linares rules in his favor on the motion.

Eady declined to comment to Hudson County View after the verdict.

However, Daniel Murray, the vice president of the Hudson County Jail’s Policemen’s Benevolent Association (PBA), as well as Patricia Aiken – the owner and operator of Edpdlaw.com – who both testified that Eady tape recorded their private phone conversations, voiced their opinions on the federal trial.

Eady’s sentencing date has not been set as he faces a possible maximum penalty of five years in jail and a $250,000 fine for intentionally intercepting the communications of others.

Previous trial coverage can be found here.

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  1. LOVE THIS ZHIT!!! Why did he even go to trial? I only read the trial of the internet (wasn’t there) and they had him “dead to rights”. Anyway he is only facing 5 years. How about this, let him not go to jail no probation no fine BUT! Take his God damn pension. Now that’s justice.