Jersey City’s ‘Robateau Legacy’ hosts children’s event with local police officers


The Robataeu Legacy, a community-oriented group formed to honor the memory of fallen Jersey City Police Lt. Christopher Robateau, hosted a children’s event in a collaborative efforts with some local officers on Thursday.

Photo collage courtesy of the Robateau Legacy.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“For ‘Live, Learn & Grow’ we invited children from around Gateway Park and members of local law enforcement. They came together for athletics, crafts and conversations aiming to foster relationships, build confidence and trust, and to celebrate persevering in a global health crisis,” the group posted on their Facebook page.

“Over a hundred children came out to meet the officers, exercise and play together, including public school students living in Booker T Washington apartments and students of nearby Beloved Charter School.”

They also thanked the Jersey City Parks Coalition for being an event sponsor, as well as the Jersey City police, fire, and public works departments – along with the Jersey City Employment and Training Program – for their efforts that made the event a success.

“‘Live, Learn and Grow’ exemplified that giving our time to children transcends departments and brings everyone together in a way that is genuine, uplifting and long-lasting for everyone involved,” The Robateau Legacy said in a statement.

“With events like these and through more good works, Muhammad hopes to continue keeping Lt. Chris Robateau’s memory alive.”

The group was founded by Chicago native Alika Muhammad, who moved to Jersey City in 2005, shortly after Robateau was killed after being struck by a car on the New Jersey Turnpike in January 2018.

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