Jersey City’s ‘Mothers in Pain’ recall losses, ask officials to curb gun violence


“Mothers in Pain,” a new Jersey City activist group for mothers who had their sons taken from them due to gun violence, recalled their losses and asked officials to step up in halting gun violence during a press conference this morning.


Co-sponsored by the House of the Lord Church and the Love Life Company, Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry began the event by introducing Annie McCord, whose 26-year-old son Tyreek was gunned down in the parking lot of IHOP on route 440 in November 2015.

“When I lost my son, November the 21st, this pain never went away. This pain never stopped mentally, spiritually, physically: this pain won’t go away. I miss my son so much,” McCord began.

While Tyreek McCord was accused of trying to rob the food establishment, McCord argued that “Ray Charles could see that he was set up,” further stating, through tears, that there was no need for him to be shot multiple times.

Her story of tragedy and heartbreak was consistent with the subsequent speakers, including Gail Albright, who lost her 34-year-old son William, who was paralyzed prior to being killed, back in July 2013.

“There’s no reason for another person to take another life. Right now, we just want justice. We want the young people of this city to stop killing one another,” exclaimed Albright.

“There’s no need for killing one another. But right now, we want justice. We want justice from the prosecutor’s, which is not being done. The two men who murdered my son will be walking free February 16 of 2017. There is no justice in the system.”

Crystal Paige, the mother of 24-year-old Nigee Paige, who left behind a young son and daughter of his own, pleaded to her grandchildren and other youth not to get caught up in street violence.

Next, Theresa Franklin said her son Tyrell was shot in the back of the head in a park and now her family constantly lives in fear.

“He was shot in the back of his head one time. They got his killer, as they say, but it has to stop because I have another son and he’s scared to come outside … he’s only 18, he just turned 18,” Franklin explained while crying.

“My grandkids, they[‘re] scared to go to the parks now because they think somebody gonna shoot them in the park. When my son got killed, the park was crowded with kids. They need to stop the violence, stop this killing … it’s not right, it’s not fair!”

Additionally, Patricia Gregory, whose son Troy Gregory was only 15 when he was killed in 2008, called for justice as her son’s killer received 14 years for his crime – as opposed to life.

Afterwards, Hessie Williams, the group organizer who just lost her 17-year-old son in a well-publicized August church shooting, explained what the group has to offer and what they would like to see change to curb gun violence.

A Jersey City spokeswoman and the a spokesman did not return an email seeking comment, while a spokesman for the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office declined to comment.

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