Jersey City teachers union walks out on meeting after remarks by BOE Pres Sangeeta Ranade


In what could be described as a tense meeting of the Jersey City Board of Education, the teachers union, following the call of JCEA President Ronnie Greco, walked out on the meeting following comments made by BOE President Sangeeta Ranade.

Greco started off the meeting with a fiery speech, beginning by calling on the board to expedite changes to school security at PS 41 following reports of an intruder entering into a trailer.

Dr. Marcia Lyles responded later on in the meeting as to what the district was doing regarding security at PS 41.

Further on in Greco’s speech he made reference to a labor dispute, saying a teacher was unfairly punished for seeking union advice, and vowed to see the district in court.

During remarks by the board, Ranade questioned whether the union was acting in good faith. After finishing her comments, and calling the meeting to order due to crowd noise, the Jersey City teachers union collectively walked out.

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