Jersey City residents claim recycling companies are dumping in their neighborhood


Jersey City Ward F residents say Jersey City MUA, Reliable Recycling and Pace Recycling have caused the air quality and living conditions in their homes and neighborhood to become hazardous to their health.

“I have seen condoms in my basement, I have seen feces in my basement, and my neighbor has told me she has seen hypodermic needles in her basement. I mean, this condition is absolutely unacceptable and hazardous to our heath,” expressed Bidwell Avenue resident Yvonne Donovan.

Donovan explained that she had experts take a look at her drainage problem who explained to her that in the event of heavy rain, the water goes above the sewer line which is causing the floods.

“We’ve complained to the MUA, they said the problem is coming from the City itself. It’s a drainage problem. I mean my house smells like a gutter.”

The resident also stated that on East View Court, the dead end of East Bidwell Avenue, Reliable Recycling and Pace Recycling has been dumping waste behind a neighbor’s backyard.

“We have in the back of our neighborhood, I guess Reliable and Pace, they’re recycling all of that dump that they’re dumping, is coming into our household. I used always wonder why every five minutes I am wiping. I thought it was just dust. It’s not the dust.”

Another resident explained to city council that the dumping ground is causing respiratory issues to her health and her 74-year-old mother.

Councilman-at-Large Daniel Rivera said he visited the property daily after he received a call from the residents.

“We actually got the ball rolling even more with Pace Recycling, in making sure that they move that toxic waste and that they continue to get the fines that they are currently getting,” explained Rivera.

Rivera further stated that the MUA is working on cleaning the catch basins every other week and the residuals are coming from the plant in that area.

Both Rivera and Jersey City Ward F Councilwoman Diane Coleman and are working with the residents to move the dumping ground out of the neighborhood.

“We are moving forward with the Authority (MUA), the police department, with the fire department, with the Hudson County Environmental services,” shared Rivera.

“We have a tenant at our site who is conducting recycling activities and the tenant is working closely with Jersey City officials to address all the concerns of our neighbors,” Louis Troiano, sales manager at Reliable Recycling told Hudson County View.

JCMUA and Pace Recycling did not immediately return emails seeking comment.

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