Jersey City POBA supports Team Fulop in Wards A, B, C, D, & F, sits out Ward E council race


The Jersey City Police Officer Benevolent Association is supporting Mayor Steven Fulop in five of the six ward council races, sitting out only Ward E where Councilman James Solomon faces a challenge from Chief Municipal Prosecutor Jake Hudnut.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The POBA has conducted a thorough review of all the candidates and believes these individuals are best situated to address the growing needs of the residents of Jersey City as well as its first responders,” Det. Joe Cossolini, the POBA president, said in a statement.

“They have pledged to continue having open dialogue with the POBA which will assist in implementing common sense policies which will keep the city moving forward while being a beacon for cities across the country.”

In Ward A, Denise Ridley is the daughter of a retired police lieutenant, while Ward B Councilwoman Mira Prinz-Arey is a member of the council’s Police Policies and Procedures ad hoc committee.

The council member with the most direct ties to the JCPD is Rich Boggiano, since he is a retired police detective.

“I’ve spent my life fighting to improve the quality of life for Jersey City residents, and that wouldn’t be possible without our police department. I’m honored to receive their endorsement and look forward to working with the JCPD over the next four years,” Boggiano said.

Additionally, Ward D Councilman Yousef Saleh sits on the same ad hoc committee as Prinz-Arey, While Ward F Councilman Jermaine Robinson touted he and Cossolini’s ties to Greenville.

“I’m honored to have the POBA endorsement because, like myself, Union President Cossolini is a proud resident of the Greenville section of Ward F. We both love the neighborhoods we represent,” he expalined.

“We are working together to improve the police-community relations and increase the number of minority officers in the department. Together we are making systemic change that will have a positive impact for current and future generations.”

Hudnut has frequently attacked Solomon for being “out of touch” when it comes to policing, suggesting police reforms that include increasing foot patrols and implementing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.

Meanwhile, Solomon has called for less spending on police salaries and more on social services programs, as well as bringing a civilian complaint review board to Jersey City. He has also called for the police department to remain strong.

The POBA has also endorsed Fulop and his at-large running mates.

The non-partisan Jersey City municipal elections are tomorrow, with the polls open from 6 a.m. through 8 p.m.

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  1. This is crazy wake up jersey city patrol yea of that is what it is called walking around the block and then standing on the corner mlk and watching crime unfold or sitting in their patrol cars talking on their personal cell phone give me a break this is a joke VOTE 3A for change all the way