Jersey City now has 85 COVID-19 cases, residents urged to sign up for Swift911 alerts


The City of Jersey City has announced they have 85 COVID-19 cases as of this morning, with Mayor Steven Fulop urging residents to sign up for Swift911 emergency alerts – among other things – during this “unprecedented emergency in our nation.”

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“As of this message and including data from this weekend, Jersey City’s total number of COVID-19 patients is now 85 and we expect this number to increase significantly as we have more testing sites set up in Hudson County,” Fulop wrote in an email blast.

He indicated that every member of the community can help limit the spread of disease not just by common sense measures like washing your hands, but also by getting regular updates on Jersey City’s coronavirus website and signing up for the Swift911 alert system.

The system, implemented by the city in 2015, gives residents the option of getting information about real-time emergencies via text or email.

“We all certainly realize that in this short period of time, all of our lives have completely changed. We are facing an unprecedented emergency in our nation, and everyone in our community is feeling the stress of the unknown,” the mayor also wrote.

“The next few days, weeks, and perhaps months, may not be easy. I want you to just remember one thing: Jersey City has always helped each other and pulled together as a community in tough times and we will get through this together. We handled the December 10th shooting at the Kosher Supermarket as one community and we will handle this too.”

He cited examples of the community already coming together such as young volunteers bringing groceries to vulnerable populations and animals at the Liberty Humane Society being fostered now that the majority of businesses throughout the state have closed.

Gov. Phil Murphy (D) signed an executive order on Saturday that closed non-essential businesses throughout the state and called for residents to stay home unless they had to go food shopping or seek medical treatment (of course with some exceptions).

Fulop said that Jersey City, who previously closed most local businesses when they declared a state of emergency, said their municipal rules are in line with Murphy’s order – except that they are opting to keep daycares and parks closed at this time.

Yesterday, the New Jersey Department of Health announced that there are 190 coronavirus cases in Hudson County.

The latest tallies released by each individual municipality reach the same total: 85 in Jersey City, 25 in Hoboken, 24 in North Bergen, 16 in West New York, 14 in Union City, eight in Weehawken, seven in Bayonne, five in Kearny (including one fatality), five in Secaucus, and one in Guttenberg.

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  1. Kwe’ y’all. I don’t know why we’re still going by the American model here seeing as we saw that it failed in New York City.

    As of this morning York City on their 911 alert is telling everyone to just stay home and not go out because it all risks lives.

    The China model of distance is 10 feet that it can reach, so people should be at 12ft minimum, with mask and gloves.

    At this point unless you’re mandatory, I do not know why people are going out. Our entire house in Bergen Lafayette is on lockdown. Our neighbors in this ghetto jel Greenville/etc have the right to know how bad it is, and yet it seems they don’t

    Link is to telegram JC group to share info, there’s a DIY on how to make a mask there, as well as international and indigenous info (which has an accurate syllabus from the lnu in controlled Rez environments in the US)

    Stay home and be safe. if you are in a condo building or another building with other people, please get your landlord or yourselves on to a group messenger system (telegram is fantastic, telegram x for iPhone) so that if you have to go out, you can let each other know so you can give the space-time to be sanitized.

    We are making videos here on how to get through this. Some of us in this house have worked quarantine before 🔥🌡️🔥

    if you’re trying to go out just so you can make money to pay your bills, please stop letting them kill everyone over the economy. We can all talk about how this system can finally respect jel take care of ALL of us when this is over (bipoc, queer&trans, poor, incarcerated, etc)

    Wherever you are, stay in, lay low, take care of yourself.

    my only question Dash what are we doing for the homeless right now in Jersey City?

    Kesaluloq – love you all, wela’lioq – thank you all for working together

  2. Meskeyi/I’m sorry y’all, but the email address and link to virtual city hall meeting sent out on the Swift911 are both invalid.
    Anyone know where to get this fixed/link to what we’re solar to be watching/where the public should be commenting/asking questions?
    Wela’lin/thank you 🙏