Jersey City NAACP Pres. Braker appears to exit car drunk, urinate in public


Jersey City NAACP President William Braker was caught on video exiting a car appearing to be drunk, urinating in public and later laying on the sidewalk outside of Crown Fried Chicken on Saturday night, Real Jersey City reported yesterday.


In the video embedded above, Braker appears to be shown exiting the driver’s side of a dark-colored vehicle and shortly thereafter seems to be urinating in the street between two parked cars. Real Jersey City reported the video was shot around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday night.

Later, the video cuts to Braker laying on the sidewalk and needs help from three onlookers to get back to his feet and is helped inside the food establishment.

Braker, a former Hudson County freeholder and Jersey City deputy chief of police, had a heated argument with Tyrone Muhammed, of the Newark-based Morticians That Care group, back in June 2014 – having a similar encounter with Jersey City Councilwoman-at-Large Joyce Watterman just one month later.

Re-elected as NAACP president back in November 2014, Braker questioned if there was enough evidence to prove that longtime Jersey City Incinerator Authority Executive Director Oren Dabney was forced from his post back in August.

Most recently, he supported a measure introduced by Jersey City Freeholder Gerard Balmir (D-3) back in December to regulate the sale of toy guns in Hudson County. Additionally, Braker currently sits on the Jersey City Public Safety Advisory Board, per The Jersey City Independent.

Braker’s leadership position with the local NAACP has been a bit of a career resurgence for him, as he was arrested and charged with a seven-count indictment alleging extortion back in December 2002 while serving as a freeholder, per The New York Times.

He served nearly three years on a 41-month sentence, per The Hudson Reporter.

Braker could not be reached for comment by Hudson County View.


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