Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop joins FDU panel to talk gun violence, safety


Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop joined a four-person panel at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Hackensack last night to discuss gun safety measures to curb gun violence. 


Fulop joined the panel alongside Adam Skaggs, senior counsel at Everytown for Gun Safety, Rabbi-Hazzan Shaul Marshall Praver, a spiritual leader of Congregation Adath Israel of Newton Connecticut, and Mandi Parimutter, Advocacy Lead of the NJ Chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

Needless to say Fulop, kept the conversation centered around initiatives he was a part of in Jersey City, first speaking about a heated exchange he had with the National Rifle Association.

By the time the question and answer session came around, some of the pro-gun members of the crowd were getting restless before a member of the audience asked Fulop is he traveled with armed security.

Fulop was also asked about Jersey City’s strict background checks in order to purchase a firearm, a matter that he says will be heading back to the appellate court soon.

Additionally, one audience member expressed disappointment in the panel for not offering tangible solutions to curb gun violence, which Fulop opted to answer.

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  1. Fulop statements make no sense to me. Many of my relatives were murdered by the Nazis. My feeling is that if they did have guns they could have at least fought back. Maybe some would have survived. Fulop also intentionally distorted his interference with the competitive bidding process for buying firearms for the JC PD. He demanded that vendors not sell legal firearms to background checked adults as a condition of acceptance of bids even though they were significantly more costly.

  2. Interesting, as Fulop is veteran of the OIF maybe someone should have asked him what was the fundamental difference in the Surge of 2008. Answer, we had the average Iraqi arm and protect themselves against the insurgents. Amazing, people protecting themselves!